Do Your Employees ask you questions or do they “Wing it”?

Do your employees frustrate you when they “wing it” when dealing with problems, rather than asking you for help.

Or do they come to you for every little issue, making it impossible for you to manage your time?

If they ARE asking you questions; consider yourself lucky!

 According to a survey of British employees conducted by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) and the British Library, 85 percent of workers would go somewhere else—seemingly anywhere else—before asking their supervisors for help.

 The good news (if there is any): Only 23 percent said they turn elsewhere because they don’t trust their boss’s judgment or ability to help. Instead, 48 percent said they didn’t want to bother their managers, while 30 percent said they were afraid of looking incompetent and 20 percent worried about being negatively judged for not knowing what to do.

In reality, YOUR job as their boss is to help them do THEIR job.  That is how you will get results in less time and with less stress.   So remind employees that you’re there to assist them; and don’t punish them for asking reasonable questions. 

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