Get More Sales Prospects to Say YES

You talk to HUNDREDS of prospects…

You get lots of appointments…

You’ve read all the books on selling…

Yet prospects never seem to say “Yes”

For many of you, there is a simple way for you to dramatically increase your conversion rate.


I know how excited you feel when you get appointments.  But if you do not properly qualify your prospects, you may as well be playing golf during the time you have been spending with unqualified prospects.

So, whenever you meet with prospects, assign them a rating based on three questions:

 1) Do they have a motivation to buy?

2) Is there an urgency to buy now? and

 3) Do they have the resources to buy?

Rank each prospect on a scale of 1 to 10, and spend a lot of time only with your highest-rated prospects. You’ll find that by rating prospects right off the bat, you can quickly disqualify people and move on before you waste a lot of their time and yours. 

By meeting with only the most qualified prospects, you will naturally increase your “Yes’s” AND your income!

Coach Roger helps business owners determine WHO they should talk to, and get more leads, customers, and profits!  Call Coach Roger now at 281-937-7196 or email me at to see why my clients make more money while having more personal time. 

Meet with me today, but only if you ARE SERIOUS about making MORE MONEY and having MORE TIME! 

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