5 Reasons you may not always like your Coach

As a Business Coach who has worked with a lot of clients, I have to make a confession:  sometimes, my clients are NOT happy with me.  In fact, a few times a client has asked to quit before their initial agreement period is up.

But I do not let them.

In fact, these are most often my biggest fans when we are done.

WHY will you not like a good coach ALL the time?

Well, why do football players sometimes get upset with their coaches?  Or out of shape people get aggravated with their trainers?

1.  A good coach will ask you to work ON your business, and not IN your business.   Your coach will ask you to set aside specific times during the week to work on the long-term growth of the business.

2.  A good coach will give you assignments that are not “easy” – you should not be answering calls, ringing up customers, washing dishes, etc while doing your coaching assignments. And you should not be waiting until the night before to do a half-baked job on something that is so important to your future.

3.  A good coach will truly hold you accountable for doing what you agree you must do for your own good.  During your coaching session, you should be setting goals about what you will accomplish between sessions.   If you do not follow through, and your coach does not hold you accountable, then your coach is not helping you.

4.  A good coach will push you so that you MUST think differently.   Maybe this means you must improve your time management and prioritization; perhaps you need to get someone else to do work for you so you can go on vacation or even have dinner with your family; or it may be that you have to hire someone to do things for you, so you can focus on improving your business.

5.  A good coach will not let you quit, even when you give them all kinds of reasons they should “understand.”    The coach knows cash flow is tight, that you are busy, and that no one else seems to want to help; but that will not change unless you make a change, right?

When I first started coaching, I DID let some clients quit early.  And now, I realize what a disservice I did for them.  If you have ever watched the show “The Biggest Loser,” Bob and Jillian are trainers who really get on to the contestants.  And, there are times when the contestants are truly upset with the trainers; who are pushing them beyond what seems reasonable.  But, after the contestants have lost the weight, stopped taking half of a medicine cabinet every day, and have added years to their lives; these students are incredibly grateful.

The reason you work with a coach like me in the first place is to get results; not to like me ALL the time.   And, after you have gotten more time for your life, have built a more motivated team, and have significantly increased your revenues and profits; you will have that same amazing level of gratitude.

PS.  If you are one of those who I let quit, expect a call from Coach Roger’s office very soon…

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  • Ron Finklestein  On September 16, 2011 at 9:22 am

    I am a business coach as well and I have been fired by some clients because my expectations of what they can do is not consistent with what they feel they can do. ~~ I know they can accomplish more. You are not doing your job as a coach if everyone likes yoou

  • Stacy Ryan  On September 16, 2011 at 1:38 pm

    The only way to grow – both personally and professionally – is to get out of our comfort zone. As a coach, you recognize potential that we may not see in ourselves. You may not always be “liked” during the process, though when your clients look back on the experience – and the resulting growth – you are not only appreciated…you are also referred!

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