Why You Should Give Your Product Away For FREE

That’s right, I am telling every business owner that their product should be FREE.

HOWEVER (were you hoping I had one of these?), you need to charge for what you do FOR YOUR CUSTOMERS.

How many of you have heard this; but still sell your product and not the benefits?

5 Signs you might still be selling your PRODUCT, and not BENEFITS.

  1. Your price is:  Product Cost multiplied by some number.   This “cost-plus” strategy is clearly product-focussed;
  2. Your customer “flinches,” and you immediately offer a discount.  If you are selling on benefits; then you can be much stronger standing up to this often-used tactic;
  3. Your “Unique Selling Proposition” is your “service” (more on THAT in future BLOGS, so you might want to subscribe);
  4. Your price is what your competitors are charging.  Of course, if you are providing exactly the same benefit as your competitors, then this could be true.  But, if that IS the case, you should change that;
  5. You do not know how you could raise your prices in “this economy.”  When you sell on benefits, raising your prices is a matter of increasing the benefits you provide.

If more than one of these applies; it may be time for you to review exactly what value you provide; and then re-evaluate your pricing strategy.  In future posts, we will talk more about specific ways you can improve your pricing power.

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