5 Ways to Free up at least 5 hours/week

Lack of Time is probably one of the top excuses reasons people give for why their business is not where they want it to be.  However, I have ALWAYS been able to find at least 5-10 hours that the business owner could re-deploy to build their businesses.

So what are 5 things you can do to get more time:

1.  Make decisions more quickly.    The faster you make decisions; the more action you will be able to take.  I am not saying to make “rash” decisions.  However, the longer you take to make decisions;  the more you are distracted by uncertainty.  And, like any distraction, that will increase the amount of time you take to do other tasks.

2. Stop trying to get everything “Perfect.”  Realize that you will not ever make the PERFECT decision.  So the extra hour (or two, or five) you spend getting everything “just right” often has minimal impact.  Very often, especially in business, the “Perfect” are trumped by the “Quick.”

3.  Let your Calendar be your friend.  If you have something to do, don’t say you need to do it by “end of day tomorrow.”  Instead, schedule it on your calendar as an appointment at 3-4pm tomorrow.  At the beginning of the week; as well as every night; plan your week/day.  By setting appointments with yourself; you actually will find yourself becoming more efficient with your time (instead of saying, “hey, I have all day to do this”).

4.  Set your priorities, and align your activities around them.   Knowing your priorities will make sure that you are not spending a lot of time with unproductive (read as “time-wasting”) activities.  For example, if you are in business, ask yourself if the activities you are doing are geared towards building your business.

5.  Understand when you are creative; vs. when you are task oriented.  This one is really powerful.  Think of when you get your most creative ideas.  If it is in the morning, for example, and you try to do “creative” work in the evening; it will take you twice as long.  That is because you will be working against your tendencies.

If you integrate these 5 tips into your life, I can almost GUARANTEE that you will free up at least 5 hours of your time every week.   I would love for you to comment below and let me know how you do at employing these time-adding tactics!

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  • tallmajortim  On October 6, 2011 at 12:16 pm

    Roger – these are great suggestions! I will definitely be more purposeful and incorporate them into my life. I am more inclined to #2 above and often find I pay a price for trying to reach perfection.


  • […] #2 – “I do not have any time to work on my business.  There is so much to do.”  I am going to have to call you on that one.  What this REALLY means is that you have prioritized other things in front of growing your business.  (Or, perhaps you need to read my previous post “5 Ways to Free up at least 5 hours/week”) […]

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