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As a Business Leader, Do You Feel Like a Gerbil?

When I was a kid, we begged our parents for a pet.  So, one day, we went out to the pet store and came home with a couple of Gerbils, a big glass case, the little spinning wheel, and one of those plastic balls.

We enjoyed watching the Gerbils in their case.  But our favorite thing was to put one into that plastic ball and watch it run, hit a wall and turn, run some more, hit another wall and turn again, run some more, etc. etc.  The Gerbil never got hurt….but it never got anywhere either.

How many of you does that sound like?  You are running as fast as you can; but keep hitting walls.  When you hit one, you change your tactics or strategy; then, you start running again..until you hit another wall. And so on, and so on.

The worst part?  You do not want to ask for help; because then you might feel like a fraud.  You’ve been in business for a few years, or a lot of years; and, admitting you are “stuck” might make others look down on you, right?

But ask yourself this:  is it worth it to keep feeling that frustration and pain? 

If your business and life where delivering you everything you had hoped, how amazing would THAT feel?

What if, instead of putting the Gerbil in an enclosed ball, I had put the Gerbil on a track with sides (to keep it from jumping out)?  What if I had put food within “smelling distance” along certain points of the track; and then prodded the Gerbil gently along its way?

It would have gotten along much further, with a lot less frustration, wouldn’t it?

I will be direct with you; there are A LOT of people who say they can help you.  And some of us are right for you; and some us may not be.  That’s why I recommend that you interview at least 3 different coaches; then choose the one (or two, or three) you feel will help you in your particular situation.

At the very least, give yourself permission to get out of that plastic ball; and start getting the education and accountability that will get you moving rapidly towards your goals!


How To Get Your Business from “ALMOST THERE” to “Goals Achieved”

Do you ever sit down and say to yourself, “I wish I had more clients NOW!”?  So, you think about what you can do to improve your business,  and your head fills with all of the advice people have given you about what to do in your business.

  • Read More business building books, 30 minutes every morning
  • Create a more focused Strategy
  • Develop Your Website
  • Hire an assistant and a salesperson
  • Design and produce better marketing materials, targeted towards your IDEAL customer
  • Implement a Customer Relationship Management system;
  • Engage a Business Coach

But your challenge is:  you need clients NOW!  And, those things will all take time.  And money.

So, you promise yourself that you will do all this…just as soon as you get more customers and business gets better.   So, another month passes, and you are still “almost there.”  And this goes on, month after month.

The fact is: the sooner you get started; the sooner all of those will start working for you.

So, here’s your task:  pick 2 of these and write down WHEN (as in: 8:00am on Monday) you will start working on them; and another time (as in: Thursday, November 15th, you will complete a major milestone around your tasks).  Then, share it with as many people as possible.  The more people you share it with, the more likely you are to do it.

When you make the commitment, and take action on these tasks; next month will come and you will be on a growth track that will most likely be more than you had even imagined!

Comment on this and tell all of us:  which two are you doing this week and WHEN?