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The ONE thing you need to do to make One Million Dollars in 2012

Make $4,000/day.

What?  Were you expecting some magic bullet?  Sorry, but there really is no secret beyond the fact that, if you work about 250 days per year (take off weekends and a few holidays), you must make $4,000 EVERY DAY to get to a million dollars.

Based on working with dozens and dozens of business owners; I can tell you that the obstacle behind you earning $1,000,000 is usually not anything but your choices.  It is often one or more subtle things (that you CAN correct) which are holding you back from that $4,000 daily amount:

1.  You do not believe you could deliver – Picture this:  people start lining up January 2 with open checkbooks and AMEX Platinum Cards, and ask you to deliver your product as soon as possible, in a large enough quantity to earn you $1,000,000.  If that thought makes you nervous; then it is time you at least WRITE DOWN your execution plan, detailing how you WOULD deliver if that happened.

2.  You really do not believe you are worth it – Sounds odd, doesn’t it?  But how many of you have old recordings in your heads (or still have the “live broadcast”) of well-meaning friends and loved ones casting doubt on your ability to succeed “in this tough economy” (for example).

3.  You accept the general mediocrity of those around you who might be doing something similar to you – To clarify, how many of you look at the results of the “average” owner in your industry, and set that as your “Success Result”?  Think hard.  Yes, you may SAY you want to make big $; but have you allowed your subconscious to keep telling you that somewhat exceeding the average is “OK.”

4.  You are not REALLY committed to your success.  This reality manifests itself in several insidious ways:

–  It shows up when you will not make the calls and work necessary to get FACE TO FACE with prospects; instead, you spend hours “building relationships” on Facebook and Twitter.  I have a Tough Question for you:  of the last 10 times you have logged onto Social Media when you should have been working; how many times have you REALLY been working a Strategy designed to bring you income.

Really, I have no issue with you using Social Media for social reasons when you are not supposed to be trying to build income; but, how many times have you used it as a diversion from something that, while unpleasant, is more value-added.

– Lack of commitment comes when you refuse to ask others for help.  If you are committed, you will FIND a way to get the help you need.    Many clients of mine (and clients of many coach friends I have) make the investment even when they cannot see clearly HOW they could afford the first payment.  A client of mine whose revenue I helped DOUBLE to well over $1 Million (in 1 year)  had no idea of their cash flow when we started working together; but made the investment anyway.  Now, they will gladly tell you it was worth it.

– You get “Loser’s Limp.”  Have you ever watched a game in sports where someone drops a ball, or misses a tackle; and then, mysteriously, they limp to the bench?   That’s called “Loser’s Limp.”  What are business symptoms of this?  You begin complaining about the economy, your incompetent employees, your unfairly priced (or trash-talking) competitors, how “tired” you are, how you “really don’t WANT to make a lot of money,”  etc..etc…  By the way, this is where I am worth my weight in GOLD for my clients, because I know how to appropriately “call your bluff” for your own good.

In the end, the world WILL pay you what you are worth.  And, the only way to make $1,000,000 is to deliver enough products to enough people at a high enough price so that you earn $4,000 EVERY DAY.     If that is not happening, then Take Action to change that right now so that  2012 is amazing for you!


Are you a Big Thinker, who has had success and now would like to dominate your market?

Do you have a Good Team, but want to learn how to make them a GREAT Team?

Have you ever felt like there was just ONE THING that would help to catapult your business to stratospheric levels?

Is taking more vacations and having more personal time a LONG-TERM GOAL that you would like to be a SHORT-TERM ACHIEVEMENT?

Are you willing to stand there while people ask you how you “made it so quickly”?

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Why College Athletes are way ahead of most Business Owners…

It’s College Football Bowl Season.   Many of you will be sitting down (and some of us will be standing) to watch our favorite teams play in a Bowl Game (or the BCS Championship, if you like LSU or Alabama).

When you watch the game, these teams are competing hard to WIN.  Yes, they are excited to be a part of the experience; but they still want to come out on top.

How many of these teams do you think go into the games with a “let’s wing it” mentality?  After all, they do not know for CERTAIN what the other team will do; or what the weather will be like; or even if the referees will make good calls.   So, why not just wait until the game starts; and THEN figure out what to do?

THAT would not be very smart, would it?

But, how many business owners are going into 2012 with little to NO PLAN (except an idea in your heads to keep doing what you have been doing)?    Are you betting your financial future on a “we’ll figure it out” or “steady as she goes” strategy?

Are you taking risks with your business and everyone who depends on you that even an average college athlete would never take with just a Game?

Have you SPECIFICALLY WRITTEN DOWN and defined your:

1.  Target market – not a general one (I serve anyone who will pay me); but one that you serve BEST?

2.  Unique Selling Proposition TO your target market?

3.  30 day, 90 day, and annual goals, tactics, and accountabilities, IN DETAIL – both for your financials as well as for your organization?

4.  BHAG – Big Hairy Audacious Goal:  the long term achievement that what would make you feel like you have created a lasting impact for yourself and for others?

5.  Plan to spend as much time as you want doing the FUN stuff; and minimal time doing things that other people enjoy more and can do better than you can? Perhaps this is building a Team; or maybe it is just outsourcing.  Do you know why you should do one vs. the other?

In addition to this:

Do you have a Marketing Strategy which clearly lays out how much you will spend on marketing; which marketing tactics or channels you will use; and what your specific “Success Criteria” are for each tactic?

Have you created one or two new or innovative ways to either serve your current customers or add different customers, so that you can justify your prices even in a down economy?

Do you have a defined Sales Plan; with goals, scripts (including rapport building questions and answers to common objections), and closing strategies?

If you want to do more than “enjoy the experience” of having a business; but instead, have a WINNING business that works by PLAN, call me at 281-937-7196 or email to schedule a complimentary consultation.  We’ll see what you can do, ON PURPOSE, to help you become Rich and Stress-Free.  Go into 2012 knowing clearly how you WILL succeed.  Book your session quickly before my calendar fills up with everyone who will have a “New Year’s Resolution” to improve their businesses in 2012.

What Millionaires have that makes AND KEEPS them Wealthy

Even in this “down economy,” there are thousands of people who have become millionaires.  Most of them are NOT Lottery Winners, or “Silver Spoons,” or receivers of an inheritance from Aunt Mildred.  Many of them are people who started with nothing, and built a business that provides them the incredible lifestyle that many people only dream about.

So, what was the difference between them and people who continue to struggle?  It is BELIEF.  Yes, the unshakeable BELIEF that they would arrive at the goal they set for themselves.

Now, I know many people (you, perhaps?) are saying you DO believe that you will eventually hit the “Big-Time.”  In fact, you have been “believing” for years; and things do not seem to get better.  Well, I want to let you in on a secret I have discovered from working with hundreds of business people and business owners:  when you do not support your belief with your actions; your subconscious will sabotage your success.

Some examples?

  • You do not have a WRITTEN plan for your business; which includes short, medium and long-term goals as well as specific activities and accountabilities for achievement.
  • You do not read at least 30 minutes every day about how to improve your business.
  • You have a “to-do” list, but keep allowing minor activities to distract you from getting things done.
  • You do not invest in yourself or your business; by attending seminars, joining masterminds, working with a coach and/or a consultant (and you EXECUTE the tactics)
  • When someone says “no,” you just accept it and feel defeated (if someone were drowning, and you could save them, wouldn’t you do everything in your power to help them?).

The reality is:  you cannot just say you want to have more; you must really show your subconscious that you mean it.    If you think this is “new age, fuzzy stuff,” take a look at the millionaires around you.   They have achieved because of their firm belief that they SHOULD be wealthy; and have taken action to support that belief.

What actions are YOU taking to confirm to your subconscious that you really DO have a belief in your ability to achieve great things.  The clients I have worked with who have achieved the most growth are the ones who do this; so I have firsthand experience in seeing this truth.

PS.  There are a few authors I would recommend for you.  Besides Napoleon Hill (“Think and Grow Rich”); also, T Harv Eker (“The Millionaire Mind”); Joe Vitale (“The Secret”) and Maxwell Maltz (“Psycho-Cybernetics”)

How important is 8%?

How important is 8%?

  • When the US launched the first Rocket to the Moon, what if they had held back 8% of the launch thrust?
  • How about the next time you take a plane trip, your pilot throttles back 8% just before take-off?
  • Would it be wise if an Olympic Runner slowed down by 8% during the finals?
  • Or, perhaps your bank takes 8% of your bank balance at the end of the year.

Would you be upset if a burglar robbed your house, but only took 8% of your possessions?

Of course you would!

I probably do not need to use any effort to convince you, then, that 8% can make a huge difference.

But, how many business owners or even employees use “the Holidays” to delay decisions or actions that will move their businesses forward?

  • Investing in a new piece of equipment;
  • Hiring a new team member to fill an important gap in their capabilities
  • Bringing in a Consultant and/or a coach to start working on business improvement strategies and tactics.

In essence, that “8%” is 1/12 of the year that people lose when they allow the time between Thanksgiving and New Year’s to be an excuse for inaction.

To really get a sense of what this means, let’s take a fairly small business with just $100,ooo of business and growing at about 10% per year.  If, over the next 5 years, you use the Holidays as a reason to reduce your business focus by just 1/4, one calculation shows a loss of over $43,000 (FORTY-THREE THOUSAND DOLLARS).

That money could be used to:

  •  Hire another administrative assistant to help free up your time
  •  Invest in more marketing to propel your business forward
  • Give to a Charity of your choice
  • Take a few more vacations
  • Save for retirement

Or whatever (you get my point).

Now, I get that many of you want to enjoy the Christmas Season.  As a husband and a father of 2 children, I make time for my children’s events (just got back from my daughter’s Choir Concert).  But, as you celebrate the holidays, remember that this is still 8% of your keep the momentum going!

A Homeless Mom learns how to convey Value..

As many of you know, I volunteer every Thursday morning at The Star of Hope Homeless Mission; teaching job search, resume-writing, and interview skills to the residents there.  This particular mission is an emergency shelter for women & families; and we have been packed ( .

This week, I had a wonderful conversation with a woman who was getting ready for a couple of interviews.    I cannot go into detail, but let’s just say that she has really turned her life around.    The great news is that her husband just landed a temporary job working with computers.  The tough news is that her high-school senior daughter is living with grandma while they are at the homeless mission (not enough room at grandma’s for everyone).

As she was talking, you could clearly see how much this lady wanted a job; so, it was a great opportunity for me to help her with a few lessons:

1.  Consider what your value is; then, believe it.  When she was talking about her interview,  her first thought was to say, “I hope they will pay me $10-12/hour.”    My question to her was: what do you think your skills are WORTH.  For her, as well as many individuals and business owners, you must know exactly what value you can bring to others.   Whatever that number is, believe it!

2.  Once you believe it, then focus on how well you will COMMUNICATE your value.  For this homeless mom; after I asked her what her skills were worth, we worked on how those would be clearly communicated to the interviewer.  One of the biggest things I help both the homeless residents AND business owners with is that your value is not WHAT they can do; it is the benefit others feel they will get from you.  So, instead of saying on your resume’, “I answer phones”; write, “You will find that my Customer Service skills and positive attitude will provide your callers a friendly, helpful voice to serve their needs.” (secret..this also helps with automated screeners and search engines).

3.  PRACTICE with visualization how you will communicate your value.   What I helped this lady understand is that your brain cannot differentiate between vividly imagined experiences and actual experiences (this was a big “a-ha” to her).  And, aren’t we often better when we do something the 5th time versus the first?  So, if you are going into an interview, a sales presentation, or just a networking event; spend some time visualizing the best possible outcome.  Do this when there are no distractions around; and you will be amazed at the power of your mind (and your increased success) when the “real” thing happens.

The fact is: if you are an employee or a business owner, and are not receiving what you believe you are worth; then your next step is to find a way to better define and communicate your value to others.

So, do this simple exercise:

  • Sit down and just start writing down everything you do that has value.
  • When you have done that, then ask yourself how you could communicate each item so that others will see the value in your offering.
  • Finally, spend time visualizing how you will communicate that with those who could benefit from what you offer.

Comment below if you find any “aha’s” between what you have BEEN doing (and perhaps not been getting the results you want); and what you will change going forward.