Why College Athletes are way ahead of most Business Owners…

It’s College Football Bowl Season.   Many of you will be sitting down (and some of us will be standing) to watch our favorite teams play in a Bowl Game (or the BCS Championship, if you like LSU or Alabama).

When you watch the game, these teams are competing hard to WIN.  Yes, they are excited to be a part of the experience; but they still want to come out on top.

How many of these teams do you think go into the games with a “let’s wing it” mentality?  After all, they do not know for CERTAIN what the other team will do; or what the weather will be like; or even if the referees will make good calls.   So, why not just wait until the game starts; and THEN figure out what to do?

THAT would not be very smart, would it?

But, how many business owners are going into 2012 with little to NO PLAN (except an idea in your heads to keep doing what you have been doing)?    Are you betting your financial future on a “we’ll figure it out” or “steady as she goes” strategy?

Are you taking risks with your business and everyone who depends on you that even an average college athlete would never take with just a Game?

Have you SPECIFICALLY WRITTEN DOWN and defined your:

1.  Target market – not a general one (I serve anyone who will pay me); but one that you serve BEST?

2.  Unique Selling Proposition TO your target market?

3.  30 day, 90 day, and annual goals, tactics, and accountabilities, IN DETAIL – both for your financials as well as for your organization?

4.  BHAG – Big Hairy Audacious Goal:  the long term achievement that what would make you feel like you have created a lasting impact for yourself and for others?

5.  Plan to spend as much time as you want doing the FUN stuff; and minimal time doing things that other people enjoy more and can do better than you can? Perhaps this is building a Team; or maybe it is just outsourcing.  Do you know why you should do one vs. the other?

In addition to this:

Do you have a Marketing Strategy which clearly lays out how much you will spend on marketing; which marketing tactics or channels you will use; and what your specific “Success Criteria” are for each tactic?

Have you created one or two new or innovative ways to either serve your current customers or add different customers, so that you can justify your prices even in a down economy?

Do you have a defined Sales Plan; with goals, scripts (including rapport building questions and answers to common objections), and closing strategies?

If you want to do more than “enjoy the experience” of having a business; but instead, have a WINNING business that works by PLAN, call me at 281-937-7196 or email Roger@CoachRogerBoneno.com to schedule a complimentary consultation.  We’ll see what you can do, ON PURPOSE, to help you become Rich and Stress-Free.  Go into 2012 knowing clearly how you WILL succeed.  Book your session quickly before my calendar fills up with everyone who will have a “New Year’s Resolution” to improve their businesses in 2012.

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