Do you Love Me

Do you remember your first love?

If you were like most of us, you were just a little bit insecure about it, and would ask that question a lot.  “Do you love me?”  It was not so much that you were afraid of “No.’  Most likely you wanted to just hear the other person affirm it.   It made you feel great, didn’t it?

When was the last time you asked your CUSTOMERS “Do you Love me?” 

How often do you survey your customers; or do you assume they will just keep buying from you?  Everyone knows that it is easier to keep a customer than to acquire a new one.  So it is riskier to not ask and HOPE; than to ask, and KNOW.  In fact, if there IS any dissatisfaction, wouldn’t you want to know now, so you can correct the issue; instead of not asking, then finding out when they stop buying from you?

So make it simple; and send it out in the next 48 hours.

Dear Customer:

– What do you love most about our product or service?

– What do you like least?

– What specific thing could we do better?

– What do we do differently than others, that keeps you buying from us?





Are you a Big Thinker, who has had success and now would like to dominate your market?

Do you have a Good Team, but want to learn how to make them a GREAT Team?

Have you ever felt like there was just ONE THING that would help to catapult your business to stratospheric levels?

Is taking more vacations and having more personal time a LONG-TERM GOAL that you would like to be a SHORT-TERM ACHIEVEMENT?

Are you willing to stand there while people ask you how you “made it so quickly”?

Contact Roger at 281-937-7196 or email Roger’s assistant, Kelly,  – –  to schedule a brief call to see if one of our Programs is a fit for helping you get Rich and Stress-Free.

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