Why Most Marketing Copy Is Terrible

Blah Blah Blah

Our product is sooo awesome, Mr. Prospect.

We do this.  We do that.  We’re the best value.  We’ve been around since fire was invented (in fact, we were the first ones to USE fire).  We take pride in our work and have attention to detail.  We do quality work at reasonable prices!   Our food is delicious and our service is great!

And, best of all, we’re Honest!  Fill out this form for your Free (Complimentary) Estimate (Consultation).  Or call us for a No Obligation Quote (really!).  Come in and get a Free Appetizer with any Entrée.


I hate to break this to you, but your customer reads and hears the same stuff from just about EVERYONE.   To write this BLOG, I typed in AC Repair, Auto Repair, and Chiropractor into Google, and looked at several random sites; and looked through the direct mail I have received recently.  Ad after ad reads about the same way: each one, almost a fill-in-the-blank copy of the other.

The fact is: so many people complain that the Magazine Ad, or Website, or Direct Mail piece is not worth it; when it really is because the wrong people are writing your ads.    Your ad has a big task: to grab attention, tell your story, build a bond with your prospects, and compel action without YOU being there.

So, to dramatically increase the effectiveness of your marketing:

– Stop writing your own copy.  Yes, you are a brilliant Chef, Restaurant Owner, AC person; lawyer; Chiropractor.  But, MY MBA no more qualifies ME to do spinal adjustments; than your D.C. qualifies  you to write your own ads.

– Don’t let the people at the magazine or newspaper write it, either.    The best writers there are writing articles, not your ads.

– It is usually NOT more profitable to have people overseas writing your copy.  Yes, it may seem cheaper; but writing marketing copy is a skill honed from years of apprenticeship, testing, and study.

– Be VERY careful about putting your marketing in the hands of your Virtual Assistant; unless you know that they have several years of proven success writing compelling marketing.

And last, but not least: TEST, MEASURE, and ADJUST; TEST, MEASURE, and ADJUST.

Why would you spend several thousand dollars on a website; a mailer; or even on a spot in a Newspaper or Magazine; but shortchange the actual marketing copy?   You are better off doing a smaller ad or flyer, with better writing; than paying for a big ad that sounds like everyone else’s.

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