Why Your Confidence Can Crush Your Business Dreams

OK, I admit it.  I put “Confidence” in the title because, if I said the REAL word, most of you would not even have read this far.  The fact is, the thing that crushes more businesses than any economic situation is EGO!  Please read on, even if (as I am sure) this does not apply to you.  Maybe you can help OTHER people.

4 Questions that tell you whether you have Confidence (WILL help you succeed) or if you are Egotistical (WILL hold you back);

1.  Do you try to do everything yourself?  The Egomaniacs say to themselves that no one can do things as well as THEY can.  Unfortunately, this crushes businesses because, while they are spending time doing $10/hour tasks like answering every email or phone-call; they neglect the $250/hour tasks like adding value to clients, or developing new strategies that build their businesses.

2.  Do you blame external factors when things go wrong?  The Egotistical mind does not like to fail.  This actually presents itself in how you frame failure.  If your business is struggling, is it because of “the economy,” or  “dumb prospects,” or some other external factor?  For example, as one of my favorite Sales Trainers, Tom Hopkins, says:  “if they have a need for your product, and don’t get it, it’s YOUR FAULT.”  I love this, because it is 100% true (even if the Egotistical person says it is not).

3.  Do you write down your daily goals EVERY day, or do you think you will just “remember to do everything”?  The high-ego personality will have so much trust in themselves; that they do not believe they need to write down everything that needs to be done.  Writing down and prioritizing does not mean you have a poor memory or weak mind; it really means that you want to make sure that you do what is necessary to succeed.  One of my clients, a super-smart and massively successful Real Estate developer and retail store owner, still writes down her goals and tasks every day.    You will never find her without a notepad.

4.  Are you only open to advice that is “FREE”?    Ego is shallow, and so it always make a calculation that says “my value is higher than that of others.”    Think about it:  only an irrational person would not trade their $50 ideas for a $250 idea from someone else.  No one is an expert at everything; so it always makes sense to continuously seek ways to improve.  So, not investing in educational materials, advice and mentoring from others means that someone is either: irrational; or they believe that their ideas are ALWAYS more valuable than those of others (sounds like Ego, doesn’t it?).    As Ben Franklin said: “Invest the coins in your purse in your mind; and your mind will fill your purse with coins.”

So, the title of this post should be:  Why your EGO can crush your business dreams.  If there is a GAP between where you want to be and where you currently are; be completely honest with yourself about these four questions.  Getting out of your own way may be just what you need.

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