Your Lack of Integrity is Holding You Back

Was that an inflammatory headline, or what?    Now, before you get upset, please read on…

When you finish reading this, think VERY HARD about whether any of these are the case for you.  If they are, then use the remedy prescribed.

1.  Do you discount when your prospect gets a little skittish?  This is a lack of Integrity with your belief in your Value.  And this not only costs you money from an individual sale; but it also will actually reduce your ability to close sales.

REMEDY:  Once you set your price; learn how to COMMUNICATE that value, rather than discounting it.

2.  Do you expect your customers to listen to YOUR presentation or buy YOUR offering; but never respond to people who have presented to YOU?    Do you meet with a potential vendor, and then continually ignore them when they call or email you?

When you do this, your lack of Integrity to that person is actually subconsciously transmitted to YOUR prospects; because you are saying that it is just fine to treat someone else poorly.

REMEDY:  Be honest and say “No” if the answer is “No.”  Do not leave people hanging.

3.  Do you have an organized PLAN for running your business; or are you just running 100mph every day hoping to “get more business” or “keep your head above water”?  This shows a lack of Integrity with your Mission to sell your product.    Having no plan means that you are not TRULY committed to helping others get your product; because everyone knows that when you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

REMEDY:  This one is obvious – have a PLAN.

4.  Do you have a performance based incentive compensation plan for your employees; or are you paying them the same amount whether they perform well or not?  This shows a lack of Integrity with your Team.   By not helping them earn more when the business advances, you are holding them back from sharing in success.  And, when they earn the same pay even if they and the business underperform; you are saying that there are no consequences for a lack of results.

REMEDY:  Restructure your pay plans to allow your team to share in the success of your business.  Do this right, and you will never again complain about “uncommitted” or “unmotivated” employees.

FINAL REMEDY:   Re-read this post and be truly honest with yourself where YOU lack integrity.  Then fix it.


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  • Ed botting  On February 21, 2012 at 10:35 am

    The measure of a person’s character is what that person would do if that person KNEW, for certain, that no one would know what that person is doing.

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