The ONE Thing Champions Do That You Most Likely Are Not (but should)

OK, full disclosure here.  When I finish with this BLOG post, some of you will “unsubscribe” because you do not want to hear what I am about to say.  That’s fine.

But, of the thousands of people who read what I, and so many other excellent authors, write; my experience is that only a few actually follow through on what they read.  Which completely explains why only 1% of the population ever move past being “comfortable” or “OK” into the “have enough money and time to do whatever they want, whenever they want” stage.

What is the one thing you must stop putting off until “the time is right” and do NOW?

Hire a Coach/Consultant.  (Keep reading.  If what you HAVE been doing was REALLY working perfectly, not many of you would have even read THIS far.)  At the very least, you should open your mind to it.  Every single Champion you can even think of has gotten help so that they could BE a Champion.

I feel one hundred percent confident saying this, because my clients are both startups and multi-millionaires.  That’s right.  I have clients who just started businesses; and I have clients who have multiple successful businesses ALREADY, but enjoy success so much that they want to go even further.

Now, should that coach be me?  Who knows?  Only you can decide that by talking with me.

But, should you do it now?  Absolutely.  If you needed Brain Surgery, would you wait until your head stopped hurting to go to the doctor?  Would you ask your brother, who happens to have seen a few episodes of “House”, to fix it?  Of course not…you would go to a professional.

Your business is the same.  A good Coach/Consultant is a professional whose life is dedicated to the craft of running a successful business.  The person you need is not your brother-in-law who works in marketing at GE; or your friend who owns a different business.  It is someone who has:

– Education

– Experience

– Tools

– A Plan

– Dedication to continuous study of successful businesses

– A commitment to hold you accountable to your own goals

Now, I have all 6 (proof is at; and there are certainly others who do, also.  So, who you work with is a decision you can only make after evaluating and meeting with a professional.

Aren’t there too many people who depend on you to succeed for you to continue leaving success to just “hard work and persistence”?   Yet, how many of you reading this are doing just that; or waiting for “the right time next month, or next year” to get help?

Is this a little “Sale-sy”?  Maybe.  But so are health warnings on TV.   How many of you know someone who never felt symptoms, but were able to be cured of a serious health problem because they were smart enough to get a “check-up” (or, worse, caught something too late because they felt “OK”)?   A Professional Coach/Consultant is basically a “business doctor.”  So, just because you do not feel any symptoms that the long-term health of your business is in danger; does not mean it is in perfect health.  It MAY be; but maybe NOT.    Schedule your check-up BEFORE you get a surprise.


Unlike a Medical Doctor’s visit, my initial Business Health Check-up is free.  We’ll only work together if you are 100% certain that we can Transform the health and long-term potential of your business.  Click here and schedule a free Strategy Call; where you will get at least 2 new ideas for your business, and we will see if you are ready for the next step.  The time for “putting it off” is over.

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