Why Most of You Will Always Have Mediocre Businesses

Before going on, I have to say that last week I did a little experiment.  My BLOG & Newsletter were a little…gentler…and, sadly, barely anyone read it.

My passion is to make a DIFFERENCE for you; so if being more …direct…is what it takes to get people to read it, I’ll do it.

The reality is: most small business owners will never have more than a mediocre business.  Before you take offense, please keep reading…

Here are 4 1/2  tell-tale signs that your business will remain in mediocrity:

1.  You have no WRITTEN GOALS – A goal that is not written down is a WISH.  And, unlike Aladdin, just wishing that something will come true will not make it happen.

 1a – You have Goals, but they are small (as in “I hope I can pay myself $50,000 this year,” which I have heard)

2.  You have not COMMITTED to BIG GOALS with a PLAN and a DEADLINE– I was talking with a business owner the other day who is working 14 hour days, and is missing his children’s youth.  But, he has no Plan for getting out of the quagmire except to hope that the person he hired will be “good.”   Instead, he needs to have a specific plan, with goals, activities, and deadlines.

3.  You have never defined your IDEAL Target Customer – This is a problem for new AND old businesses.  The newer businesses feel so desperate for revenue, that they believe that their customer is anyone with cash.    The older business believes that, because of their loyal following in one business, they can just add another product line and, Voila!, more money will appear.  Whether you are a Carpet Cleaner, own an Auto Repair Shop, or a Restaurant; you must define who your ideal customer is, and then create products and marketing designed to speak DIRECTLY to that target.  It does not mean that you will not get others, but lack of laser-focus will keep you from being excellent AND being able to command premium prices.

4. You will not take MASSIVE ACTION, due to a horrible case of “Excusitis.”  Which of these have you given as YOUR reason for not getting all of the customers and business you want?

– You will do more when things “slow down” for you

– You’re building a lot of “relationships” and “Strategic Partners” with your networking and Social Media

– You need a better website, but cannot afford it (or you think you cannot)

– You are “already at capacity” and cannot take on more (by the way, this is NEVER true)

– You do not want to be “pushy,” so you won’t ask for the order (or really do not know how)

– Maybe when you have more Cash Flow you’ll work with a Coach/Consultant.  After all, you get “Free” advice from your mentors – Dad, brother, former teacher, uncle, niece, Ouija Board

– “Fill in the Blank ________________________________

How do these 4 (and 1/2) factors guarantee mediocrity?  Because those who are unwilling to set BIG Goals, Be Specific about what they want and who they serve, and are unwilling take MASSIVE action to achieve it, will always find themselves just a little behind those who do.  And, as Brian Tracy once noted, the horse who is just a little behind is never the winner.


My clients last year averaged 30%+ sales growth.    Click here and schedule your Strategy Call; where you will get at least 2 new ideas for your business, and we will see if  it makes sense for us to talk further.    Or, are you still afflicted with Excusitis?

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  • twocherubsantiques  On March 21, 2012 at 6:54 am

    I think it’s your title…very off putting. …maybe…tips on how NOT to be a mediocre business.

    • Roger Boneno  On March 21, 2012 at 7:03 am

      I have to agree…the title is offputting for some.

      However, my experience is that if I said “How not to have a Mediocre Business,” people let their egos get in the way (“My business is not mediocre, so I do not need to read this.”) But, even if they think I am completely wrong, they will open it and read it just to see how wrong I am. If that spurs them to just make a little change, then I have accomplished my goal.

      Ironically, before I started these stronger headlines, I never got clients from my Blog. Since I did, people are engaging and working with me.

  • Michelle Colon-Johnson  On March 21, 2012 at 4:27 pm

    I Think it gets peoples attention! I often use the saying that people might not always like what I have to say but it will always be the truth. The truth is we just have to get you connected to some great contacts that will help you share your message.:O) ~Michelle

    • Roger Boneno  On March 21, 2012 at 4:31 pm

      Thanks Michelle! I so much appreciate your support. I would be honored if people would share it with THEIR followers on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. 🙂 ~Roger

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