The NUMBER ONE Problem of Business Owners

Having worked closely with dozens and dozens of business owners; I can tell you that the NUMBER ONE problem of business owners is……


And, if you ask yourself the following questions, and say “Yes,” then your FEAR is costing you MONEY and adding to your Stress.

1.  If your Sales are not where you want them to be, do you spend at least 75% of your time actively speaking to “bullseye” prospects and potential customers?  Or,

– Do you sit in the office posting on Facebook, Twitter, “KLOUT,” etc.?

– Are you constantly “tweaking” your website?

– Are you “networking” with people who would never buy your product or even connect you with people who WILL buy your product?

– Are you spending hours in meetings with “Strategic Partners” who “serve the same market as you do,” yet never really build a strong RELATIONSHIP with anyone (so you get no referrals from them)

– Do you attend a lot of “Educational Seminars,” but never REALLY implement what you learn (or, you start to implement, then give up because it is not a “magic bullet”)

– If you own a restaurant or retail store, do you get out into the neighborhood and personally invite people to come by?

All of these are most often because you are afraid that someone might say “No” if you actually ask them to be your customer.    So, you stay one degree away from the actual prospects.  That one degree is expensive, because cash cannot get to you with that blockage.

2.   When you meet with a prospect, and they “flinch” at your price, have you reduced the price “just to get them started” in the hope that they will see the value and pay you more later?  Or, worse, do you give them a “free trial”?

This is really a fear that you will not be able to deliver the value you are offering.   And, your fear is actually triggering doubt in your prospect.  If you called Ferrari tomorrow and said that you want a “Free Trial” of their cars, would you get it?  Then, believe in YOUR value, be a Ferrari, and stop giving away your product/service.

3.  Do you have a “system” for getting consistent feedback from your customers; analyzing your online reputation; and seeking continuous improvement?

Or, are you afraid that if you ask for feedback, your customer will say “Hmm..this is not as good as I had hoped.  Let’s stop working together”?    The worst part of this is that fear of the present will crush your future.  I was looking up a restaurant online the other day and saw 4 MONTHS of negative reviews; with the last review saying “They Closed.”   You MUST get over your fear of bad news and embrace it as feedback to help you grow (or survive).  And you cannot be afraid to change when you find out that what used to work is not working anymore (because maybe it will one day work again, you keep telling yourself).

4.  Have you thought about investing in a Consultant/Coach, but keep asking yourself if you “can afford it” or “if it will work”?  This may sound self-serving, but I see too many business owners who struggle mightily and keep hoping that their “persistence” will pay off.  Persistence in your business without knowledge and accountability is not different from playing the lottery – you leave too much up to chance.

Interestingly enough, business owners will spend thousands of dollars on equipment and offices and websites; but fear the idea of spending a few thousand dollars on good advice, mentoring, and accountability.    If you REALLY thought you had a business with potential to grow BIG, then investing in help would be an easy decision.  You would know that what looks like a big investment now will one day be pennies.  However, since many business owners fear that they have a business that does NOT have potential to truly be big; they never invest in it beyond the minimum.

How many of these above are true?  Be honest with yourself: is your Fear keeping you from your dreams?


If you have a “Fear” mindset, do not call me.  But, if your mindset is to build an EXPLOSIVE, Accelerating business, contact me for an initial consultation, business analysis, and ideation session.  It’s not FREE, because everyone’s “Free” sessions are just sales presentations.

We’ll give you real value, so this 90 minute session is $297 (this means that I only talk to SERIOUS business owners who are willing to THINK BIG).  Email my assistant to schedule a time.  GUARANTEE:  If, at the end of the session, you do not have a WOW! from our session, then your investment is ZERO.

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  • Venetia  On March 30, 2012 at 11:04 am

    Enjoyed the post!

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