4 Ways Most Business People are like Jack Nicholson in “The Shining”

“Here’s Johnny!”

So says Jack Nicholson’s character after he chops through a bathroom door with an ax in “The Shining.” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D7JB68sLGY8  (If you have not seen the movie, spoiler alert!).

The short version of the movie (based on a book by Stephen King): Jack Torrance is a writer who, for a variety of reasons, goes insane and attempts to kill his family.  My experience with most business owners is that they are a LOT like Jack Torrance in they you run their businesses.

1.  You are trying to “go it alone,” but all that ends up happening is that you end up doing the same thing over and over and getting the same results.  In the movie, Jack wanted to have solitude so that he could write his book; but all he ended up writing over and over was “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.”  If this seems a little “crazy,” then ask yourself what you are doing differently now in your business than you were last month to:

– Get more customers

– Increase your customer loyalty

– Motivate your Team

– Manage your cash flow

If these are not ONE HUNDRED PERCENT where you want them to be; then take some time to evaluate what needs to change.     Sometimes, one little tweak will make a huge difference.  Last month, a client of mine was frustrated because he was trying for months to get a CEO to meet with him on a very large contract.  When I gave him a simple change in approach and wording, he was able to close the $55,000 opportunity within a week.

2.  When you seek advice, are you sure it is from the right people?  In the movie, Jack eventually DOES seek advice; but it is from a ghost bartender.  As you can imagine, the advice is not very beneficial.  Is this you?  Are you getting “opinions” from your brother, dad, or friend, etc; whose life is not 100% focused on how to grow YOUR business.    I am not saying that your relatives are trying to drive you crazy or are evil (:-) ).  However, before accepting advice, make sure it is based on DATA and is focused on a goal that is MEASURABLE.    Too many businesses struggle and fail because the “advice” they get lacks any real “success criteria” tied to what is best for you.

3.   Do you automatically attack people who are seeking to help you?   Jack’s wife, as well as the cook (Scatman Crothers), both tried to help Jack; but his response was not friendly.   Before you say “I never do that,” ask yourself what is your response when a Telemarketer calls you, or someone offers you a service for your business.  Do you hang up abruptly; unsubscribe from their newsletter; or (the most inconsiderate thing) ignore them?   Maybe this comparison seems like a stretch, but I would challenge you to be more open-minded the next time someone offers you help.  Give them 3 minutes; then, be POLITE if you do not feel like you want to learn more (just follow the Golden Rule).

4.  Are you “chasing footprints,” trying to force your solution onto your prospects?  In the final scenes of the movie (spoiler alert!), Jack was chasing down his family through a maze during a driving snowstorm.  In the end, by covering up his tracks, Jack’s son was able to fool Jack into going the wrong direction.  As a result, Jack became hopelessly lost, and froze to death.

How is that like you?

Do you REALLY know what your customer wants, or are you just “chasing tracks”?  Because Jack’s customer was filled with fear (wouldn’t you be?), his son kept running away and doing everything he could to avoid the confrontation.  After all, the boy did not see the result as a positive situation.    In his Insane mind, jack probably could not see why the boy did not want to stop.  But, interestingly enough, that’s just like many of you.

You have not created compelling marketing, or a customer-friendly sales process; so your prospect runs, hides his tracks, and does everything he can to avoid meeting with you.  You feel frustrated, and wonder why your customer seems so “afraid” to meet with you.  Most of the time, YOU have created that fear; and so need to change your approach.

OK, I will say that the comparison between you chasing business; and Jack hunting down his family to kill them seems extreme.  However, If your business is not where you want it to be, and you have ever said that it is “driving you crazy,” maybe you need to make some changes…


It is SUMMER and I am offering a very special opportunity to work with me for ONE YEAR for one investment.  For the first 5 Business Owners who engage with me in my “Summer Business School” program, we’ll cover highly important topics like:

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  2. What to say to a prospect, in person or on the phone; and how to convert more “leads” into long-term customers
  3. How to hire the RIGHT people (or, if you should hire anyone at all)
  4. Cash Flow strategies for a growing business
  5. Anything you need to cover, since it includes unlimited email support!

If a business cannot offset this investment in the next YEAR; then they probably want to rethink even being in business.  🙂  So, fax in the Engagement Agreement today, and we will get started on making your business “Shine,” instead of you feeling like you are in “The Shining.”  https://coachrogerb.files.wordpress.com/2012/06/summer-business-school.pdf

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