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Jim and Diane’s Trip to Chicago – Based on a True Story

Today I wanted to share a little story with you about a couple, Jim and Diane (based on a true story, so enjoy…).

One day, Jim and Diane decide to take a vacation.  They had both been working very hard, and would leave their comfortable house in the suburbs of Houston and visit Chicago.

So, one slightly misty morning, they packed up their new car and headed out.   They were excited, and knew that they could get there really fast if they took turns driving.  After all, the sooner they got to Chicago, the sooner they would be able to check into their hotel room.

They were going to LOVE Chicago.  They planned to stay at the Westin right on Michigan Avenue.   Across the street would be the “Magnificent Mile” of shops.  A quick elevated train ride would get them to the ballpark.  Fantastic food choices..the Navy Pier, the beautiful lakefront.  They had their whole visit scheduled perfectly.

So they backed out of the driveway and started driving.   Jim told Diane to get on the freeway, and she did.  They drove for a day.  Chicago, here we come!

They drove for another day.  They were getting closer..they just KNEW it.   They had a great car, and knew that Chicago would be fun!

But the third day passed, and Jim was getting perturbed.  So, he told Diane to drive faster.  And they drove for a fourth day.  Still, no Chicago.

Now it was Diane’s turn to tell Jim to drive faster.  And turn NORTH.  They stopped at a gas station, bought a compass, and turned North.

Day five….Day six…Day seven.  They now both wondered why, even though they were CRYSTAL CLEAR about their goal of going to Chicago, were driving a great car,  and were certain about what they would do once they got to Chicago; they never arrived there.

Finally, they looked at each other, and exclaimed, “We probably should have followed a map.”

Sound crazy?  Who would try to get anywhere that far away without a roadmap?

Well?  How many can honestly tell me that YOU have a CLEAR, step-by-step Plan to get from where you are NOW in your business to where you want to be?


Every day that you spend without one is time you will NOT spend enjoying your goals.  

It’s time, RIGHT NOW, for you to get that Map.  

This is my specialty:  helping you create that map.  It’s a crystal clear, what do you do today, next month, next year, to get to where you want to go. 

To enjoy your Goals….

To stop driving around aimlessly…

I have built these with billion $ and million $businesses, with start-ups, with businesses that have been around for 4 generations (even THEY need better roadmaps sometimes), and even with MLM’s.

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PS.  It is OK for you to say “No” and keep driving around without a professional plan.  Just make sure that you DECIDED to do that; instead of letting it happen to you like it did to Jim & default.


Why a Short-Term View and poor Math Skills are Bad for your Business

OK, I might have frightened many of you.


Well, the good news is that we’re not going to do any regressions or differential equations today.  So…breathe slowly into the bag; and let’s talk.  I am going to do the math FOR you.

Many of you own a business that is very stressful for you.  You constantly worry about cash flow.  You feel pain because your team does not seem to care about anything but their paychecks.  And, you sometimes wish that you could wave a magic wand, so people could “Get it” about the value you provide. You might even have to discount your prices, which drives you crazy (after all, you are worth more, aren’t you?).

To make matters worse:  you keep thinking things will “get better”; but, six months go by, and it’s just as tight and stressful as it was six months ago.  One year passes, and you wonder why things seem to be just as bad, or worse, than they were at the same time last year.

So, let’s do a little math (I’ll walk you through it 🙂 ).

  1. What if you invested $15,000 over six months to learn some proven tactics to get new customers and build a more motivated team?  Or, you invested that $15,000 to train 3 or 4 of your managers with a Management Training program; so they could  close some of their skill gaps?
  2. What if, based on extensive data, that investment were proven to get a 5-1 return (so, exchange $15,000 for $75,000 in one year)?  BUT, to be conservative, you won’t believe anything more than a 2.5-1 return (so, you invest $15,000 and get $37,500 back in 6 months – Net profit is $37,500 – $15,000:  $22,500).
  3. Then, you were able to take that $22,500 and grow it just 3% per year for 10 years.

Over 10 years, with a conservative view, your $15,000 investment would be worth $257,937. 

If you took the full 5:1 return, and grew it at 5%/year; you would have $15,000 become $754,674That’s a quarter of a million dollars extra in your pocket, for a $15,000 investment.

This is why the short-term view of fearfully holding onto money limits the greatness of so many business owners.  The simple math is that, holding onto the $15,000, with no change in how you do things in your business, will just result in more of the same stress and a return of $0, won’t it?

The fact is, whether you are talking about investing in a coach/consultant or a management training program; your long-term benefits are huge.   Here is a personal case study:  I invested in my own coach even when I could not afford one; because I realized the value of having someone to get me to think outside my personal experiences and make decisions even when I was not sure of the potential results.   It’s why, when I owned a business coaching franchise, my business was 3 times as big as the average coach in that system (which made me the top Franchisee).       All franchisees had the same “system,” but my coach made me prospect when I did not want to; he gave me strategies that I had not considered; he helped me focus when I was looking at “shiny objects”; and he even helped me realize why a strategy that HAD been working suddenly lost effectiveness.   Even a coach needs a coach.

There is a reason that an elite athlete invests in coaches, even though he has an enormous amount of talent.  The one-tenth of a second that his coach helps him cut from his 40-yard dash time could be worth millions of dollars.

For a business owner, there might be one thing you or your managers are not doing that, with the right training, you could discover can make you millions of dollars, or remove 90% of the stress you experience every day.

Am I the right coach/consultant for you?  Most likely not:  unless you are in the restaurant or hospitality business (private coaching/consulting), or have a management team helping run your business (our classroom-based training program).   But, I promise you that there IS someone out there who is a great fit for you.   And, doing the math, thinking that you are saving money by not making the investment in closing your skill gaps is absolutely bad for your business.

Take Action Today, and start your path to investing in your future success.

I am connected to a lot of coaches/consultants; so feel free to connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, or Linkedin; read what they write and post, then contact those who might be the best fit for you.

4 Ways that you Block your Potential Customers from Buying

“Sales cures all ills.”

Most people have heard that saying before.   Now, it’s not ALWAYS true (since I have seen a lot of business owners who do not understand that they are selling at a loss  – many of my Restaurant clients sell a lot of things at a loss, until I help them see why their profit is almost zero).

That said, if you have SOME margin control, increasing Sales DOES help quite a bit, wouldn’t you agree?

So, here’s the strange part:  many business owners – Restaurants, retail, even B2B – put up giant obstacles to getting sales from eager prospects.

What are the Top 4 ways you Block your Customers from Buying?

1.  You make it hard for your best prospects to hear or see you:  When I was working on marketing campaigns for Joe’s Crab Shack; one time we were doing a coupon as part of a “Welcome to our Email Club” campaign.  When Tilman Fertitta, our CEO, was asked about the coupon, he responded with “Do you think I use coupons?”

Somewhat of a humorous note; but an excellent point for you:  unless you have actually defined SPECIFICALLY who your best prospects are, you will not be able to create marketing that actually talks directly to those prospects.   Your prospect WANTS your product; NEEDS your product; will PAY for your product; but you create such generic messages that they never can hear you above the 10,000 other messages they get every day.  Your message of how you “have the best product, service and prices” makes you just another black and white penguin on an icecap filled with penguins.

2.  You get your prospect excited, then Ignore him.   Many of you have prospects out there who have heard of you and actually like what you have to offer.  They are ready to buy,  But, you do not answer the phone when they call to find out your hours.  Or, they call and leave a message, but no one ever calls them back.  Or, worse, they call and you transfer them to another line that never answers.

Maybe you have called them when they are busy themselves; but you forget to call them back, so they buy your product from someone else.

Yes, you are busy.  Maybe your restaurant is having a busy lunch, or you have back-to-back sales appointments; but, without a strong SYSTEM to ensure prospect contacts get answered. your customer will feel ignored.  And, just to be clear, ignored prospects rarely buy.

3.   You speak German when your prospect speaks French – I am not really talking about languages in the literal sense.  I AM talking about all of the advertising out there that is based on the business owner’s perspective, instead of the customer’s perspective.  Your lunch menu says that you have $8 lunches; but your customer really wants 30 minute lunches.  Or, you talk about the beauty of your landscaping designs, when your customer wants to know if what you plant will last more than 6 months.

Do some research, talk to current customers as well as people who do not buy from you; and find out the language they want to hear.  You may be surprised to find out that just a few tweaks in HOW you talk to potential customers can have a massive impact on how MUCH they buy from you.

4.  You “bring him the check before he sees the Dessert Menu” – One of my rules when we go to a restaurant is that, if the server brings me the check before I see the Dessert Tray or Menu, we do not order dessert at the restaurant.  That’s a lost sale for the restaurant, and lower tip for the server.

But, even B2B businesses do this: you find something your customer wants and you are so excited to get a sale; that you do not ask follow-up questions to see if there are more ways for you to serve them.  In your mind, you are yelling “Hooray,” while your customer is thinking, “I sure wish they would do this also, because I wanted it.”  You DO have that extra product or service, but the prospects don’t find out until they have bought that from someone else (when it’s too late for you).

To wrap up, how many of you have said or thought that you wished you had more sales?   Before you just throw more money at marketing, or offer more discounts; see what you might be doing to block the sales that are already waiting to come to you.  You may find that just a few simple adjustments can make a massive difference in your sales growth!

I really would like your feedback on this.  Is there anything else that you have found “blocking” customers from buying from you?  

Comment below, or email me at

5 Reasons why Groupon is a Losing Con-Game

Here you go, kid.  It’s free.  Just try it!

And so begins the addictive use of…….

Groupons and LivingSocial Deals.

Do consumers love them..yes.  Are they good for most businesses?  ABSOLUTELY NOT.  They are a Con-Game that appeals to business owners who do not know how to sell their products or services for what they are worth.

Why are they a Con-Game?   To quote the great Sales Trainer Tom Hopkins, “If you are selling someone something that is NOT good for THEM, then you should be locked-up; because, when you do that, you are nothing more than a Con-Man.”

So, let’s list the reasons Groupons and LivingSocial “deals” are very poor business-building strategies:

1.  They appeal to “deal-seekers,” and not your IDEAL customers.  Statistically, deal-seekers are not looking to become loyal customers of a product; rather, they are loyal to whoever offers them the best deal.

2,  By a focus on price, and not value; they tell your CURRENT customers that the full-price they have been paying was too much.   When people think they have paid too much, they feel “ripped-off” and you easily lose them.  So, even when you gain a few “tryers” who come back later; you risk losing regular customers who WERE paying full price.

3.  Because they reduce your margins, they encourage (or force) you to cut corners on value delivery.  In a Groupon, if you offer a coupon of $5 for $10 of product; you only get to keep $2.50 (Groupon gets $2.50 – sweet deal for them.  Why do you think they sold it for so much money?).    Think about it…you are getting $2.50 for $10 of product!  I have run into several business owners who tell me that, because they get so many Groupon customers; they had to reduce the quality of their product to stay afloat.  That is a death spiral.

4.  They create an addictive reliance on the “Groupon” check.    The fact is, Groupons bring in people; so the business owner begins to think that they “work.”  Never mind that these are not loyal customers, that your margins are taking a beating, and that you have traded out your IDEAL customers for deal-seekers; the initial transaction increase sure looks good.  However, the longer you do them, the more of your customer mix becomes the deal-seekers.  So, just like a drug addict; you cross a threshold where you CAN’T quit.  I know of a Steakhouse in which 90% of his customers are Groupon or LivingSocial Deals.  His annual revenues are $1m, but he is losing money hand over fist; so he does not pay himself anything and his waiters get paid salaries because the Groupon deal-seekers do not tip well.   Every month, the check he gets from Groupon pays for the next month’s expenses (like a mini Ponzi scheme); when, as most coupons do, the Groupons lose their effectiveness, he will be in desperate trouble.

5.  The money you “pay” Groupon could be spent far more effectively building you as a BRAND, and not as a DEAL.  Just like any Con-Game, Groupon looks low-risk.  After all, they collect the money and then pay you half of what they collect.  If you sell 100 $10 for $20 Groupons, for example; you collect $500.  But, Groupon keeps $500.  Because that looks like a good deal, you may do it for a few more months.  Unfortunately, for the reasons above, you are not BUILDING a business; you are becoming a “deal-house.”  If you just took that $500/month for 3 or 4 months and put it into a good BRAND-building marketing campaign; you would be MUCH better off in the long-term. Unfortunately, once you start crushing your margins; eventually you have no money to spend on a well-targeted marketing campaign.

Am I passionate about getting people to stop using these deeply discounted deals?  Absolutely!  Just like a Cardiologist might not want to watch some eat fried foods every day (even though it tastes good); I don’t like watching business owners get taken in by the Groupon and LivingSocial Con-Games!


Build a BRAND, not a deal-house.   Schedule a 15 minute call with meMarketing Guru, Financial Wizard, and Team Motivation Expert – and we’ll talk about how to build a strong Brand targeting your Ideal Customers:   (PS.  even if you have not done a Groupon, call me.  🙂 ) 

What Can You Learn from a Twist, a Lick, and a Dunk?

It’s been 100 years since that most famous (and delicious) of cookies was first introduced to the world.

What product describes itself as perfect for “a Twist, a Lick, and a Dunk?”  Oreos, of course.

I remember as a kid, I would eat only the broken Oreos in the Cookie Jar.  That ended up being a lot, because I kept shaking the jar.  🙂

So, what can YOU learn from a simple cookie?

1.   Your offering does not have to be complicated to be appreciated.  An Oreo is just two cookies and some filling, isn’t it?  Easy to understand, and simple to consume.  For you, think about how to make your offering simpler for your customer to use, and also easier to communicate.

2.   Even if there are cheaper alternatives, you can be successful.  There are a tremendous number of “Chocolate Creme” sandwich options out there.    What Oreo has NOT done is try to compete on price with the generics; because they know that many people will still pay more to get that distinctive taste.  YOUR job, as a business owner, employee, or contractor, is to be distinctive enough so that your prospects consider your incremental cost worth the investment.  And distinctive does not have to mean complicated; just different and better.

3.   Do not rely on “word of mouth” only, even if you ARE successful.  Just about EVERYONE knows what Oreo cookies are; but they still advertise.  Yet, how many of you find some success and believe that “word of mouth is good,” and so throttle back on your advertising?  Keep your foot on the advertising and promotion accelerator and you will find your growth rate not only additive, but EXPONENTIAL.    7.5 BILLION Oreo cookies are sold every year!  If you sold just 7.5 million of YOUR product or service, would that be good?

4.  Make sure that, even if you offer extensions of your product/service line, your customers still have a clear idea of who you are.  Yes, there are Orange filled Oreos for Halloween; Yellow filled Oreos for Spring, Chocolate filled Oreos; and even the Golden Oreos.  But, in the end, when you think of Oreos, what do you picture?  Exactly.   THAT is what should happen for you: when your customers and prospects think of you, they should have a clear picture in their minds of your core offering.  If they do not, then you have to do a better job communicating and marketing.

5.  Be FUN!  OK, I know that not everyone is a cookie.  But, enjoy what you do, and that enthusiasm will transfer to your prospects.    Brian Tracy, a great sales trainer, says that sales are just a transfer of enthusiasm from you to your prospects.  The more enthusiasm YOU have, the more likely you will have enough to TRANSFER and turn into PROFIT.

Well, all this talk about Oreos is making me hungry.   Enjoy these tips, and go have a cookie!


Helping you make more money, have more free time, and have more FUN is what we do at the Business Acceleration Institute.    Click here and schedule a free Strategy Call; where you will get at least 2 new ideas for your business, and we will see if  it makes sense for us to talk further.    I’ll even bring the cookies!

Why You’re Not Really THAT Busy, You’re Just Inefficient (and how to change that)

Does that headline bother you a little?  Well, it should.  But let me ask you this:  why is Bill Gates able to run a BILLION dollar organization with THOUSANDS of employees; yet most business people can barely have time to run their $200,000 or $1M Revenue organization with 2 or 10 people?  Before you answer that this is because he is rich or has people working for him; this was not ALWAYS the case, even for him.  Read on…..

The MOST popular speech I get asked to give to companies and organizations is called “Turn Your Torrent of To-Do’s into a Deluge of Done’s.”  I hear all the time how “everyone needs help with Time Management.”

Sadly, for most business people, it’s almost never because they REALLY have too much to do.  It’s often because they are incredibly inefficient with their time.

Here is what I want you to do: sit down with a big posterboard or paper and put your days at the top and hours down the side.  Then, being COMPLETELY honest with yourself, at the end of the day for the next week, list out EVERY task you do EVERY day in 15 minute increments.  Why 15 minute increments?  Because my experience is that most business owners lose hours every day from all the little things that they allow to distract them.  Here are a several common time-wasters, and how you can minimize their impacts:

1.  Spending 15 Minutes updating your Facebook Status (LinkedIn/Twitter) every couple of hours (or every hour).    TIP:  Realize that it is fairly rare that people will post emergencies on Facebook (as in, they need your product/service in the next 10 minutes; or, you have just won $1,000,000, but have to comment in the next 15 minutes to get it).

2.  Reading every e-mail the minute it comes in, or personally answering every call.  TIP – Turn off the E-Mail pop-up notification/noise, and your ringer on the phone.  Then, depending on your business, schedule 2 – 4 specific times/day to read and reply to e-mails or answer phone calls.   Or, better yet, get an assistant and take some time to teach them how to screen your emails/calls  for you.  Assuming you can make more than $10-$20/hour focusing on your business, the time and dollars you invest in this help will more than pay for itself.

And, if you are saying that you are the only person who can answer customer calls or emails, please go back to the Bill Gates example.  🙂

3.  Not spending time to learn to use Tools & Technology that increase your efficiency.  TIP – Take a class, or spend a few minutes with some of your peers (or your Consultant/Coach) and learn what works for them.  There are a multitude of time-saving software programs and hardware devices.   Success rewards speed; and if you are not using the right tools, your  competitor just might be.

4.   Having an “Open Door” policy, but never defining with your team the rules around how often they can come to you with a “Got a minute?”  TIP – Yes, you want to be accessible to your team; but they can become dependent on you for every little decision, which will only add to your distractions.  In addition, your ideal focus should be to have a business that runs without YOU; so learn to trust the talent you have (if you cannot trust your team, then you should not have hired them – a topic for another BLOG).

5.   Having the belief that you can “multi-task.”  TIP – This is a tough pill to swallow, but scientific research has shown that all you can do is “Serial Task.” Moving from one task to the next to the next is costing you time when you have to re-focus yourself.  Yes, you can walk and chew gum at the same time; but have you ever seen an Olympic sprinter chewing gum during a race?  Of course not, because he or she knows that SINGLE-MINDED FOCUS is what is required to be the best during that time.  Champions learn to FOCUS on tasks so that they can create the best possible result just about every time.  Run now, chew gum later.

I welcome your comments and feedback on this; especially AFTER you have started the time-tracking exercise.  Give it a shot…even if it gives you back just a couple of hours/day to focus on more value-added tasks and/or enjoy with your family, wouldn’t that be amazing?


Besides helping business owners create businesses that work on their own, without enormous time and stress for the owner; we work with clients to create unique strategies and tactics that help them increase both sales AND profits quickly.

More Sales + More Profits + More Free Time = a VERY HAPPY and RELAXED Business Owner.  This year, a client of mine was able to take a strategy we developed in the first month and close an opportunity worth several thousand dollars (This makes my help Free.   I’m not cheap, but I AM worth the investment).

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Why Your Compassion is Bad For Your Business

As you probably know if you are a loyal reader, there is definitely a point behind the headline.  So keep reading…

One thing that I hear from client after client is that they are TIRED:

– Tired of working all day, every day for what seems like little reward (this may shock you, but some business owners are not even paying THEMSELVES);

– Tired of dealing with employees who seem “unmanageable,” as the employees do not do what they say they will do or follow instructions;

– And Tired of hiring what they THOUGHT were good employees, only to have these employees seem to be different people once they get hired.

Why does this happen?

Unfortunately, it often comes from what I call “misplaced compassion.”

Let me give you a simple example.

A client of mine had a Sales Manager whose performance was, to put it mildly, below expectations.    This person would often show up late, giving different excuses all of the time.  The Manager could not account for his time; and he had not sold anything on his own in months.  When we tried to put some accountability measures in place, the Manager would ignore deadlines and give incomplete reports.

When I pointed out the facts about this lack of production; the business owner said that he felt like he needed to be compassionate.  After all, this employee had a family, a lot of debt, and counted on the paycheck.

Here’s the problem:  the owner has others who depend on the business.  People like his family; other employees; some charities he supports.

So, by trying to be “compassionate” to this employee; he was actually being CALLOUS to so many others.  This is just one example of many similar stories we have handled (how many times have YOU had an employee or co-worker who seemed like it would be a common-sense move to fire; but kept working..often “poisoning” the environment of those who WERE trying to be a part of the team).

As a business leader, compassion is not you being “soft” and giving uncommitted employees chance after chance, even as they continue to ignore commitments.  REAL compassion is building a business that supports you and those who depend on you, while delivering to your prospects the product/service you have that they truly need.  To do this, you must:

– Put in place a structured process to make sure that you hire the RIGHT employees; a process which involves specific interviewing techniques AND behavioral/motivation profiling;

– Set and commit to performance standards and expectations from the beginning, and then pay people for meeting and exceeding those standards (not just for working);

– Be willing to make a change with employees who are not willing (or able) to contribute their fair share to the team’s performance.

Does this mean you never give people second chances?  Absolutely not.  Everyone makes mistakes.  But, when you find employees who are uncommitted, unmotivated, unwilling, or unable to be a part of your team; you must do at least one of the following SOONER rather than later:

1.  Retrain/mentor them, setting specific goals and deadlines to measure progress;

2.  Move them to a more suitable opportunity within the organization; which would more closely fit their skills and motivations;

3.  Request that they move to a more suitable opportunity OUTSIDE the organization.

THAT is how you show TRUE Compassion to people who depend on you.


Besides helping business owners create a business that works on its own, without enormous time and stress from the owner; we work with clients to create unique strategies and tactics that help them profitably increase their share of their target market.

More Sales + More Profits + More Free Time = VERY HAPPY and RELAXED Business Owner.  Last year, for example, a client of mine was able to sell his house, move to his vacation home, and still increase his business by 40%+.

Be ready to have your business TRANSFORMED to True Greatness. Click here and schedule a free 15 minute Strategy Call; where you will get at least 2 new ideas for your business, and we will see if you are ready for the next step.

Why It’s NEVER the Economy, ALWAYS YOUR Fault

THAT’S a pretty broad statement, isn’t it?  After all, don’t you read pretty much every day how the Economy is struggling?  Now, before you get yourself on the defensive, read on…

“People just aren’t _______ (buying, eating out, playing, advertising, insert your product here) these days.  The Economy is tough.”

How many business people (or YOU?)  have said this as one of the challenges they are facing with their businesses?

But, the fact is, in just about EVERY case, it’s not a matter of some external “Economy” causing individual businesses to not do as well they had hoped; it is because the strategy and tactics to handle the situation were not sound.

Whether you are in IT or Interior Design, you are rarely the only competitor out there.   So, even if the pie is shrinking, you can increase your share of the pie.

How Do You Increase Your Share of a Shrinking Pie?

1.  Change your Marketing Strategy & Tactics

– Do the research on why your customers buy from you; why they buy from your competitors, and then adjust your marketing to make your offering more attractive to more prospects (NOT WITH PRICE).

 – Stop targeting “anyone who breathes, eats, has a house, etc” and start targeting your “Bullseye” customer.  This is in perfect harmony with the point right above; because almost everyone has ideal customers who are doing business with a competitor.

2.   Become more systematic in your Sales Process

 – Either learn how to sell better yourself (NOT ideal); or hire better Salespeople by actually having a process to understand their behavioral styles and motivations, rather than hiring them because they are a “friend,” “a friend of a friend,” or “just a doggone nice person.” (by the way, if you own a restaurant, your servers are salespeople. That is NOT bad, because a good salesperson ALWAYS has their customers’ best interests at heart)

– Even if you DO hire a great Salesperson/Server, have a script and a presentation that they use with leads and prospects.  Having a consistent script has been proven to increase productivity by 200% to 300% (yes, that’s right).

3.   Close your doors so customers stay with you longer and buy more.

–  Have a customer loyalty program based on data and research, not what YOU think will work.

– TALK TO THEM more.  The minute your customer gives you money is the WORST time to move on to the next prospect.  Instead, it is the BEST time for you to communicate with them about the amazing choice they made and then what else you can offer.

– Offer a better warranty/guarantee.  One of my clients was constantly hearing from his returning customers that the reason for their loyalty was his willingness to stand behind his product AND his work years after their purchase.  Considering how much it costs to get a new customer; we just chalked his warranty work up as marketing and the Return on Investment was AMAZING!

So, the fact is, unless you are on a remote island, with only  you and a few prospects; there ARE buyers out there who will buy your product or service.  Your job is just to get better at getting more of them to come to YOU, instead of your competitors.


Besides helping business owners create a business that works on its own, without enormous time and stress from the owner; my extensive marketing education AND experience help me work with clients to create unique strategies and tactics that help them profitably increase their share of their target market.

More Sales + More Profits + More Free Time = VERY HAPPY and RELAXED Business Owner.  Last year, for example, a client of mine was able to sell his house, move to his vacation home, and still increase his business by 40%+.

Be ready to have your business TRANSFORMED from OK to Greatness.  Click here and schedule a free 15 minute Strategy Call; where you will get at least 2 new ideas for your business, and we will see if you are ready for the next step.

Your Lack of Integrity is Holding You Back

Was that an inflammatory headline, or what?    Now, before you get upset, please read on…

When you finish reading this, think VERY HARD about whether any of these are the case for you.  If they are, then use the remedy prescribed.

1.  Do you discount when your prospect gets a little skittish?  This is a lack of Integrity with your belief in your Value.  And this not only costs you money from an individual sale; but it also will actually reduce your ability to close sales.

REMEDY:  Once you set your price; learn how to COMMUNICATE that value, rather than discounting it.

2.  Do you expect your customers to listen to YOUR presentation or buy YOUR offering; but never respond to people who have presented to YOU?    Do you meet with a potential vendor, and then continually ignore them when they call or email you?

When you do this, your lack of Integrity to that person is actually subconsciously transmitted to YOUR prospects; because you are saying that it is just fine to treat someone else poorly.

REMEDY:  Be honest and say “No” if the answer is “No.”  Do not leave people hanging.

3.  Do you have an organized PLAN for running your business; or are you just running 100mph every day hoping to “get more business” or “keep your head above water”?  This shows a lack of Integrity with your Mission to sell your product.    Having no plan means that you are not TRULY committed to helping others get your product; because everyone knows that when you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

REMEDY:  This one is obvious – have a PLAN.

4.  Do you have a performance based incentive compensation plan for your employees; or are you paying them the same amount whether they perform well or not?  This shows a lack of Integrity with your Team.   By not helping them earn more when the business advances, you are holding them back from sharing in success.  And, when they earn the same pay even if they and the business underperform; you are saying that there are no consequences for a lack of results.

REMEDY:  Restructure your pay plans to allow your team to share in the success of your business.  Do this right, and you will never again complain about “uncommitted” or “unmotivated” employees.

FINAL REMEDY:   Re-read this post and be truly honest with yourself where YOU lack integrity.  Then fix it.


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The REAL Reason Your Business is Mediocre (at best)

I know what you tell everyone.

‘Everything is doing great”

‘We are growing steadily”

“Things will turn around soon, once the economy picks up”

How many of you have heard that if you just continue to “think positive” and “persist,”  your business will eventually hit it big?  I am going to tell you that, truthfully, this is probably keeping your business down.

OK, before you start grumbling, let me back up a minute.

You have heard the story of the guy on his roof when it was flooding, haven’t you?  A Fire Truck comes along, and he says, “No, God will save me.”  A boat passes by and offers help, and the guy says, “No, God will save me.”  A helicopter flies over and drops a ladder, but the guy says, “No, God will save me.”  Eventually, the water rises and the guy drowns.  When he gets to heaven, he says, “God, why didn’t you save me?”  God looks at him, and replies, “What?  I sent you a Fire Truck, a boat, and a helicopter!  What else did you want?”

But, isn’t that like most business owners (perhaps you)?

– A Telemarketer calls you to offer help with your “Lead Generation,” and you hang up, complaining about them bothering you

– Someone suggests some great books or CD’s  on leadership, or marketing, or sales tactics; but you never read them

– You read the books or listen to the CD’s, but never implement what they recommend

– You meet a business consultant or coach, and you think to yourself (or say to them directly), “I’m not interested.”

So, your dreams always seem “just over the horizon”; but you never seem to get there.   Has your belief in “positive thinking” and “persistence” closed your mind to the Fire Truck, Boat, and Helicopters others offer to you?

Sure, it is easy to blame “the economy.”  But that’s just an excuse, isn’t it?   There are a lot of Super-Successful people, even in a bad economy.  People who are open to getting help with their lead generation; learning from books; getting a consultant or a coach to help them with strategies, tactics, and accountability.

No doubt you should evaluate people who offer to help you.  But, open your mind to the possibility that you may not have all the answers, no matter how positive you think or how long you persist.  Try this: stop hanging up on Telemarketers or Salespeople before you really know what they are offering; make it a habit to read at least 1 new book every 2 weeks; and listen to self-improvement CD’s in your car.

When you have everything you always dreamed off; the concern you had about not having all of the answers yourself will seem very far away.


Are you a Big Thinker, who has had success and now would like to dominate your market?

Do you have a Good Team, but want to learn how to make them a GREAT Team?

Have you ever felt like there was just ONE THING that would help to catapult your business to stratospheric levels?

Is taking more vacations and having more personal time a LONG-TERM GOAL that you would like to be a SHORT-TERM ACHIEVEMENT?

Are you willing to stand there while people ask you how you “made it so quickly”?

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