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Jackie and her Ladder – A Business Story

Once upon a time there was a very nice lady named Jackie.  Jackie sold cupcakes and cookies from her cozy little home in the suburbs that she built herself.

Now, Jackie made great cupcakes…and cookies.   And Jackie was even pretty skilled at building houses. 

But..she was missing one small skill:  she did not know how to cut out and put in a door.

So, Jackie bought a ladder and put it up her Chimney. 

Every day, Jackie climbed up the Chimney with her cupcakes and cookies, sold them in the marketplace, and went back home through the Chimney.  It was an OK life.  And, since she was pretty good at going up and down the Chimney every day, Jackie lived a nice life.

That is, until Louise moved into the neighborhood.

Louise DID know how to build a door.  And she could fit not just cupcakes and cookies through the door, but Cakes and Coolers of Ice Cream.

And, if Louise did not have a specific item, she could go back easily into her house and get it.    As fast as Jackie was able to climb up and down the ladder; Louise’s door was still faster.

So, Jackie HAD gotten better at what she was doing.  But, because she was missing a crucial skill, her sales started falling. 

Everyone still agreed that Jackie had great cupcakes and cookies; but Jackie eventually went out of business. 

All because Jackie was convinced that her 20 years of ladder-climbing and cupcake/cookie selling experience were going to continue to sustain her.  She never saw Louise and her door coming until it was too late.

How many of you out there keep saying that you DON’T need help; because what you do has been working?

Well, THIS is what I help you do with a PLAN.  We’ll not just determine how you get from where you are now to where you want to be; but we’ll find out:

– Do you need a Door (a different marketing approach, new team members or better recruiting/hiring/team motivation plans)?

– How do you even ANTICIPATE a potential door-building competitor (there are simple financial indicators that will reveal problems long before they become catastrophes)?

– How do you build the door, or get the bank to lend you money to purchase one (having helped companies obtain millions of dollars in funding, I’ll teach you how you can get the bank to loan you more money at a lower rate)?

– Do you need to have Cakes and Ice Cream (new products or services)?

– How could you get your Cakes and Ice-Cream to market quickly and profitably?

It’s time, RIGHT NOW, for you to get that Plan. 

A Strategic Plan helps you now AND will provide you a way to see the signals if something is going wrong.  Plus, you learn how to be agile enough to respond to changing markets and customer desires.  AND MAKE MORE PROFIT. 

While I’m not Bob Villa with a tool chest building a house; I AM like a Bob Villa of Business Plan building.  Check out this LinkedIn Profile (at last check, 29 Strategic Planning endorsements and 35 Written Recommendations).

When we are finished you will have, IN WRITING, a LIVING DOCUMENT FOR YOU!

Engage Now for a Very Special Year-end rate.  CLICK HERE and reserve your spot!  On Saturday night,  November 17, 2012,  the $997 rate becomes the regular, $2,500 rate.

Remember:    It is OK for you to say “No” and keep going up and down your ladder without a Professional plan.  Just make sure that you DECIDED to do that; instead of letting it happen to you like it did to Jackie..by default.


Jim and Diane’s Trip to Chicago – Based on a True Story

Today I wanted to share a little story with you about a couple, Jim and Diane (based on a true story, so enjoy…).

One day, Jim and Diane decide to take a vacation.  They had both been working very hard, and would leave their comfortable house in the suburbs of Houston and visit Chicago.

So, one slightly misty morning, they packed up their new car and headed out.   They were excited, and knew that they could get there really fast if they took turns driving.  After all, the sooner they got to Chicago, the sooner they would be able to check into their hotel room.

They were going to LOVE Chicago.  They planned to stay at the Westin right on Michigan Avenue.   Across the street would be the “Magnificent Mile” of shops.  A quick elevated train ride would get them to the ballpark.  Fantastic food choices..the Navy Pier, the beautiful lakefront.  They had their whole visit scheduled perfectly.

So they backed out of the driveway and started driving.   Jim told Diane to get on the freeway, and she did.  They drove for a day.  Chicago, here we come!

They drove for another day.  They were getting closer..they just KNEW it.   They had a great car, and knew that Chicago would be fun!

But the third day passed, and Jim was getting perturbed.  So, he told Diane to drive faster.  And they drove for a fourth day.  Still, no Chicago.

Now it was Diane’s turn to tell Jim to drive faster.  And turn NORTH.  They stopped at a gas station, bought a compass, and turned North.

Day five….Day six…Day seven.  They now both wondered why, even though they were CRYSTAL CLEAR about their goal of going to Chicago, were driving a great car,  and were certain about what they would do once they got to Chicago; they never arrived there.

Finally, they looked at each other, and exclaimed, “We probably should have followed a map.”

Sound crazy?  Who would try to get anywhere that far away without a roadmap?

Well?  How many can honestly tell me that YOU have a CLEAR, step-by-step Plan to get from where you are NOW in your business to where you want to be?


Every day that you spend without one is time you will NOT spend enjoying your goals.  

It’s time, RIGHT NOW, for you to get that Map.  

This is my specialty:  helping you create that map.  It’s a crystal clear, what do you do today, next month, next year, to get to where you want to go. 

To enjoy your Goals….

To stop driving around aimlessly…

I have built these with billion $ and million $businesses, with start-ups, with businesses that have been around for 4 generations (even THEY need better roadmaps sometimes), and even with MLM’s.

Engage Now for a Very Special Year-end rate.  CLICK HERE  and reserve your spot!  As soon as my calendar fills up –  which may be today, and may be by Friday –  the year-end offer is over. 

PS.  It is OK for you to say “No” and keep driving around without a professional plan.  Just make sure that you DECIDED to do that; instead of letting it happen to you like it did to Jim & Diane..by default.

The ONE Thing Champions Do That You Most Likely Are Not (but should)

OK, full disclosure here.  When I finish with this BLOG post, some of you will “unsubscribe” because you do not want to hear what I am about to say.  That’s fine.

But, of the thousands of people who read what I, and so many other excellent authors, write; my experience is that only a few actually follow through on what they read.  Which completely explains why only 1% of the population ever move past being “comfortable” or “OK” into the “have enough money and time to do whatever they want, whenever they want” stage.

What is the one thing you must stop putting off until “the time is right” and do NOW?

Hire a Coach/Consultant.  (Keep reading.  If what you HAVE been doing was REALLY working perfectly, not many of you would have even read THIS far.)  At the very least, you should open your mind to it.  Every single Champion you can even think of has gotten help so that they could BE a Champion.

I feel one hundred percent confident saying this, because my clients are both startups and multi-millionaires.  That’s right.  I have clients who just started businesses; and I have clients who have multiple successful businesses ALREADY, but enjoy success so much that they want to go even further.

Now, should that coach be me?  Who knows?  Only you can decide that by talking with me.

But, should you do it now?  Absolutely.  If you needed Brain Surgery, would you wait until your head stopped hurting to go to the doctor?  Would you ask your brother, who happens to have seen a few episodes of “House”, to fix it?  Of course not…you would go to a professional.

Your business is the same.  A good Coach/Consultant is a professional whose life is dedicated to the craft of running a successful business.  The person you need is not your brother-in-law who works in marketing at GE; or your friend who owns a different business.  It is someone who has:

– Education

– Experience

– Tools

– A Plan

– Dedication to continuous study of successful businesses

– A commitment to hold you accountable to your own goals

Now, I have all 6 (proof is at http://www.linkedin.com/in/rogerboneno); and there are certainly others who do, also.  So, who you work with is a decision you can only make after evaluating and meeting with a professional.

Aren’t there too many people who depend on you to succeed for you to continue leaving success to just “hard work and persistence”?   Yet, how many of you reading this are doing just that; or waiting for “the right time next month, or next year” to get help?

Is this a little “Sale-sy”?  Maybe.  But so are health warnings on TV.   How many of you know someone who never felt symptoms, but were able to be cured of a serious health problem because they were smart enough to get a “check-up” (or, worse, caught something too late because they felt “OK”)?   A Professional Coach/Consultant is basically a “business doctor.”  So, just because you do not feel any symptoms that the long-term health of your business is in danger; does not mean it is in perfect health.  It MAY be; but maybe NOT.    Schedule your check-up BEFORE you get a surprise.


Unlike a Medical Doctor’s visit, my initial Business Health Check-up is free.  We’ll only work together if you are 100% certain that we can Transform the health and long-term potential of your business.  Click here and schedule a free Strategy Call; where you will get at least 2 new ideas for your business, and we will see if you are ready for the next step.  The time for “putting it off” is over.

Why You’re Not Really THAT Busy, You’re Just Inefficient (and how to change that)

Does that headline bother you a little?  Well, it should.  But let me ask you this:  why is Bill Gates able to run a BILLION dollar organization with THOUSANDS of employees; yet most business people can barely have time to run their $200,000 or $1M Revenue organization with 2 or 10 people?  Before you answer that this is because he is rich or has people working for him; this was not ALWAYS the case, even for him.  Read on…..

The MOST popular speech I get asked to give to companies and organizations is called “Turn Your Torrent of To-Do’s into a Deluge of Done’s.”  I hear all the time how “everyone needs help with Time Management.”

Sadly, for most business people, it’s almost never because they REALLY have too much to do.  It’s often because they are incredibly inefficient with their time.

Here is what I want you to do: sit down with a big posterboard or paper and put your days at the top and hours down the side.  Then, being COMPLETELY honest with yourself, at the end of the day for the next week, list out EVERY task you do EVERY day in 15 minute increments.  Why 15 minute increments?  Because my experience is that most business owners lose hours every day from all the little things that they allow to distract them.  Here are a several common time-wasters, and how you can minimize their impacts:

1.  Spending 15 Minutes updating your Facebook Status (LinkedIn/Twitter) every couple of hours (or every hour).    TIP:  Realize that it is fairly rare that people will post emergencies on Facebook (as in, they need your product/service in the next 10 minutes; or, you have just won $1,000,000, but have to comment in the next 15 minutes to get it).

2.  Reading every e-mail the minute it comes in, or personally answering every call.  TIP – Turn off the E-Mail pop-up notification/noise, and your ringer on the phone.  Then, depending on your business, schedule 2 – 4 specific times/day to read and reply to e-mails or answer phone calls.   Or, better yet, get an assistant and take some time to teach them how to screen your emails/calls  for you.  Assuming you can make more than $10-$20/hour focusing on your business, the time and dollars you invest in this help will more than pay for itself.

And, if you are saying that you are the only person who can answer customer calls or emails, please go back to the Bill Gates example.  🙂

3.  Not spending time to learn to use Tools & Technology that increase your efficiency.  TIP – Take a class, or spend a few minutes with some of your peers (or your Consultant/Coach) and learn what works for them.  There are a multitude of time-saving software programs and hardware devices.   Success rewards speed; and if you are not using the right tools, your  competitor just might be.

4.   Having an “Open Door” policy, but never defining with your team the rules around how often they can come to you with a “Got a minute?”  TIP – Yes, you want to be accessible to your team; but they can become dependent on you for every little decision, which will only add to your distractions.  In addition, your ideal focus should be to have a business that runs without YOU; so learn to trust the talent you have (if you cannot trust your team, then you should not have hired them – a topic for another BLOG).

5.   Having the belief that you can “multi-task.”  TIP – This is a tough pill to swallow, but scientific research has shown that all you can do is “Serial Task.” Moving from one task to the next to the next is costing you time when you have to re-focus yourself.  Yes, you can walk and chew gum at the same time; but have you ever seen an Olympic sprinter chewing gum during a race?  Of course not, because he or she knows that SINGLE-MINDED FOCUS is what is required to be the best during that time.  Champions learn to FOCUS on tasks so that they can create the best possible result just about every time.  Run now, chew gum later.

I welcome your comments and feedback on this; especially AFTER you have started the time-tracking exercise.  Give it a shot…even if it gives you back just a couple of hours/day to focus on more value-added tasks and/or enjoy with your family, wouldn’t that be amazing?


Besides helping business owners create businesses that work on their own, without enormous time and stress for the owner; we work with clients to create unique strategies and tactics that help them increase both sales AND profits quickly.

More Sales + More Profits + More Free Time = a VERY HAPPY and RELAXED Business Owner.  This year, a client of mine was able to take a strategy we developed in the first month and close an opportunity worth several thousand dollars (This makes my help Free.   I’m not cheap, but I AM worth the investment).

Be ready to have your business TRANSFORMED to True Greatness. Click here and schedule a free 15 minute Strategy Call; where you will get at least 2 new ideas for your business, and we will see if you are ready for the next step.

Why It’s NEVER the Economy, ALWAYS YOUR Fault

THAT’S a pretty broad statement, isn’t it?  After all, don’t you read pretty much every day how the Economy is struggling?  Now, before you get yourself on the defensive, read on…

“People just aren’t _______ (buying, eating out, playing, advertising, insert your product here) these days.  The Economy is tough.”

How many business people (or YOU?)  have said this as one of the challenges they are facing with their businesses?

But, the fact is, in just about EVERY case, it’s not a matter of some external “Economy” causing individual businesses to not do as well they had hoped; it is because the strategy and tactics to handle the situation were not sound.

Whether you are in IT or Interior Design, you are rarely the only competitor out there.   So, even if the pie is shrinking, you can increase your share of the pie.

How Do You Increase Your Share of a Shrinking Pie?

1.  Change your Marketing Strategy & Tactics

– Do the research on why your customers buy from you; why they buy from your competitors, and then adjust your marketing to make your offering more attractive to more prospects (NOT WITH PRICE).

 – Stop targeting “anyone who breathes, eats, has a house, etc” and start targeting your “Bullseye” customer.  This is in perfect harmony with the point right above; because almost everyone has ideal customers who are doing business with a competitor.

2.   Become more systematic in your Sales Process

 – Either learn how to sell better yourself (NOT ideal); or hire better Salespeople by actually having a process to understand their behavioral styles and motivations, rather than hiring them because they are a “friend,” “a friend of a friend,” or “just a doggone nice person.” (by the way, if you own a restaurant, your servers are salespeople. That is NOT bad, because a good salesperson ALWAYS has their customers’ best interests at heart)

– Even if you DO hire a great Salesperson/Server, have a script and a presentation that they use with leads and prospects.  Having a consistent script has been proven to increase productivity by 200% to 300% (yes, that’s right).

3.   Close your doors so customers stay with you longer and buy more.

–  Have a customer loyalty program based on data and research, not what YOU think will work.

– TALK TO THEM more.  The minute your customer gives you money is the WORST time to move on to the next prospect.  Instead, it is the BEST time for you to communicate with them about the amazing choice they made and then what else you can offer.

– Offer a better warranty/guarantee.  One of my clients was constantly hearing from his returning customers that the reason for their loyalty was his willingness to stand behind his product AND his work years after their purchase.  Considering how much it costs to get a new customer; we just chalked his warranty work up as marketing and the Return on Investment was AMAZING!

So, the fact is, unless you are on a remote island, with only  you and a few prospects; there ARE buyers out there who will buy your product or service.  Your job is just to get better at getting more of them to come to YOU, instead of your competitors.


Besides helping business owners create a business that works on its own, without enormous time and stress from the owner; my extensive marketing education AND experience help me work with clients to create unique strategies and tactics that help them profitably increase their share of their target market.

More Sales + More Profits + More Free Time = VERY HAPPY and RELAXED Business Owner.  Last year, for example, a client of mine was able to sell his house, move to his vacation home, and still increase his business by 40%+.

Be ready to have your business TRANSFORMED from OK to Greatness.  Click here and schedule a free 15 minute Strategy Call; where you will get at least 2 new ideas for your business, and we will see if you are ready for the next step.

Why Most Marketing Copy Is Terrible

Blah Blah Blah

Our product is sooo awesome, Mr. Prospect.

We do this.  We do that.  We’re the best value.  We’ve been around since fire was invented (in fact, we were the first ones to USE fire).  We take pride in our work and have attention to detail.  We do quality work at reasonable prices!   Our food is delicious and our service is great!

And, best of all, we’re Honest!  Fill out this form for your Free (Complimentary) Estimate (Consultation).  Or call us for a No Obligation Quote (really!).  Come in and get a Free Appetizer with any Entrée.


I hate to break this to you, but your customer reads and hears the same stuff from just about EVERYONE.   To write this BLOG, I typed in AC Repair, Auto Repair, and Chiropractor into Google, and looked at several random sites; and looked through the direct mail I have received recently.  Ad after ad reads about the same way: each one, almost a fill-in-the-blank copy of the other.

The fact is: so many people complain that the Magazine Ad, or Website, or Direct Mail piece is not worth it; when it really is because the wrong people are writing your ads.    Your ad has a big task: to grab attention, tell your story, build a bond with your prospects, and compel action without YOU being there.

So, to dramatically increase the effectiveness of your marketing:

– Stop writing your own copy.  Yes, you are a brilliant Chef, Restaurant Owner, AC person; lawyer; Chiropractor.  But, MY MBA no more qualifies ME to do spinal adjustments; than your D.C. qualifies  you to write your own ads.

– Don’t let the people at the magazine or newspaper write it, either.    The best writers there are writing articles, not your ads.

– It is usually NOT more profitable to have people overseas writing your copy.  Yes, it may seem cheaper; but writing marketing copy is a skill honed from years of apprenticeship, testing, and study.

– Be VERY careful about putting your marketing in the hands of your Virtual Assistant; unless you know that they have several years of proven success writing compelling marketing.

And last, but not least: TEST, MEASURE, and ADJUST; TEST, MEASURE, and ADJUST.

Why would you spend several thousand dollars on a website; a mailer; or even on a spot in a Newspaper or Magazine; but shortchange the actual marketing copy?   You are better off doing a smaller ad or flyer, with better writing; than paying for a big ad that sounds like everyone else’s.

Do you Love Me

Do you remember your first love?

If you were like most of us, you were just a little bit insecure about it, and would ask that question a lot.  “Do you love me?”  It was not so much that you were afraid of “No.’  Most likely you wanted to just hear the other person affirm it.   It made you feel great, didn’t it?

When was the last time you asked your CUSTOMERS “Do you Love me?” 

How often do you survey your customers; or do you assume they will just keep buying from you?  Everyone knows that it is easier to keep a customer than to acquire a new one.  So it is riskier to not ask and HOPE; than to ask, and KNOW.  In fact, if there IS any dissatisfaction, wouldn’t you want to know now, so you can correct the issue; instead of not asking, then finding out when they stop buying from you?

So make it simple; and send it out in the next 48 hours.

Dear Customer:

– What do you love most about our product or service?

– What do you like least?

– What specific thing could we do better?

– What do we do differently than others, that keeps you buying from us?





Are you a Big Thinker, who has had success and now would like to dominate your market?

Do you have a Good Team, but want to learn how to make them a GREAT Team?

Have you ever felt like there was just ONE THING that would help to catapult your business to stratospheric levels?

Is taking more vacations and having more personal time a LONG-TERM GOAL that you would like to be a SHORT-TERM ACHIEVEMENT?

Are you willing to stand there while people ask you how you “made it so quickly”?

Contact Roger at 281-937-7196 or email Roger’s assistant, Kelly,  – Kelly@CoachRogerBoneno.com –  to schedule a brief call to see if one of our Programs is a fit for helping you get Rich and Stress-Free.

Care and Grow Rich!

How many of you who are reading this ask yourself over and over why, since you do SO MUCH for others, your business still struggles?  After all, isn’t there some sort of “Secret,” or “Karma” that says that the more you “give,” the more you will receive?

Are you frustrated because you feel like you have a great product, but cannot seem to get enough buyers?

This is where I get a little tough and say that, if you truly “cared,” you would make far more money than you could imagine.

If you truly “Cared”:

– You would spend an hour EVERY DAY thinking of creative ways to reach new prospects;

– You would do the research to ensure that your product or service really does have value to others (and perhaps even strengthen your commitment when you do this);

– You would spend 30 minutes EVERY DAY thinking about ways to provide more value to your current and future customers;

– You would hire a Coach who could point out your “blind spots” and help you with tools and accountability that will maximize your strengths and minimize your weaknesses;

– You would make those extra calls and visits, moving past the “no’s”;

– You would implement a SYSTEM that ensures you do not lose prospects because of your ad-hoc follow-up activity;

You would be RELENTLESS in trying to find a way to get YOUR product or service into the hands of people who would benefit, because you TRULY CARE.

The fact is, when you do care about others, you want them to get the best.  Assuming you do believe that you have a product or service that serves others; then the only thing holding you back from massive success is how much you care.

PS.  Stop playing the tape in your head that says that “real caring” means you cannot make money from helping others.   If you cannot sustain your business, you won’t be able to help anyone.  And the bigger you grow your business, the more people you can help.


Are you a Big Thinker, who has had success and now would like to dominate your market?

Do you have a Good Team, but want to learn how to make them a GREAT Team?

Have you ever felt like there was just ONE THING that would help to catapult your business to stratospheric levels?

Is taking more vacations and having more personal time a LONG-TERM GOAL that you would like to be a SHORT-TERM ACHIEVEMENT?

Are you willing to stand there while people ask you how you “made it so quickly”?

Contact Roger at 281-937-7196 or email Roger’s assistant, Kelly,  – Kelly@CoachRogerBoneno.com –  to schedule a brief call to see if one of our Programs is a fit for helping you get Rich and Stress-Free.

The ONE thing you need to do to make One Million Dollars in 2012

Make $4,000/day.

What?  Were you expecting some magic bullet?  Sorry, but there really is no secret beyond the fact that, if you work about 250 days per year (take off weekends and a few holidays), you must make $4,000 EVERY DAY to get to a million dollars.

Based on working with dozens and dozens of business owners; I can tell you that the obstacle behind you earning $1,000,000 is usually not anything but your choices.  It is often one or more subtle things (that you CAN correct) which are holding you back from that $4,000 daily amount:

1.  You do not believe you could deliver – Picture this:  people start lining up January 2 with open checkbooks and AMEX Platinum Cards, and ask you to deliver your product as soon as possible, in a large enough quantity to earn you $1,000,000.  If that thought makes you nervous; then it is time you at least WRITE DOWN your execution plan, detailing how you WOULD deliver if that happened.

2.  You really do not believe you are worth it – Sounds odd, doesn’t it?  But how many of you have old recordings in your heads (or still have the “live broadcast”) of well-meaning friends and loved ones casting doubt on your ability to succeed “in this tough economy” (for example).

3.  You accept the general mediocrity of those around you who might be doing something similar to you – To clarify, how many of you look at the results of the “average” owner in your industry, and set that as your “Success Result”?  Think hard.  Yes, you may SAY you want to make big $; but have you allowed your subconscious to keep telling you that somewhat exceeding the average is “OK.”

4.  You are not REALLY committed to your success.  This reality manifests itself in several insidious ways:

–  It shows up when you will not make the calls and work necessary to get FACE TO FACE with prospects; instead, you spend hours “building relationships” on Facebook and Twitter.  I have a Tough Question for you:  of the last 10 times you have logged onto Social Media when you should have been working; how many times have you REALLY been working a Strategy designed to bring you income.

Really, I have no issue with you using Social Media for social reasons when you are not supposed to be trying to build income; but, how many times have you used it as a diversion from something that, while unpleasant, is more value-added.

– Lack of commitment comes when you refuse to ask others for help.  If you are committed, you will FIND a way to get the help you need.    Many clients of mine (and clients of many coach friends I have) make the investment even when they cannot see clearly HOW they could afford the first payment.  A client of mine whose revenue I helped DOUBLE to well over $1 Million (in 1 year)  had no idea of their cash flow when we started working together; but made the investment anyway.  Now, they will gladly tell you it was worth it.

– You get “Loser’s Limp.”  Have you ever watched a game in sports where someone drops a ball, or misses a tackle; and then, mysteriously, they limp to the bench?   That’s called “Loser’s Limp.”  What are business symptoms of this?  You begin complaining about the economy, your incompetent employees, your unfairly priced (or trash-talking) competitors, how “tired” you are, how you “really don’t WANT to make a lot of money,”  etc..etc…  By the way, this is where I am worth my weight in GOLD for my clients, because I know how to appropriately “call your bluff” for your own good.

In the end, the world WILL pay you what you are worth.  And, the only way to make $1,000,000 is to deliver enough products to enough people at a high enough price so that you earn $4,000 EVERY DAY.     If that is not happening, then Take Action to change that right now so that  2012 is amazing for you!


Are you a Big Thinker, who has had success and now would like to dominate your market?

Do you have a Good Team, but want to learn how to make them a GREAT Team?

Have you ever felt like there was just ONE THING that would help to catapult your business to stratospheric levels?

Is taking more vacations and having more personal time a LONG-TERM GOAL that you would like to be a SHORT-TERM ACHIEVEMENT?

Are you willing to stand there while people ask you how you “made it so quickly”?

Contact Roger at 281-937-7196 or email Roger’s assistant, Kelly,  – Kelly@CoachRogerBoneno.com –  to schedule a brief call to see if one of our Programs is a fit for helping you get Rich and Stress-Free.

Why College Athletes are way ahead of most Business Owners…

It’s College Football Bowl Season.   Many of you will be sitting down (and some of us will be standing) to watch our favorite teams play in a Bowl Game (or the BCS Championship, if you like LSU or Alabama).

When you watch the game, these teams are competing hard to WIN.  Yes, they are excited to be a part of the experience; but they still want to come out on top.

How many of these teams do you think go into the games with a “let’s wing it” mentality?  After all, they do not know for CERTAIN what the other team will do; or what the weather will be like; or even if the referees will make good calls.   So, why not just wait until the game starts; and THEN figure out what to do?

THAT would not be very smart, would it?

But, how many business owners are going into 2012 with little to NO PLAN (except an idea in your heads to keep doing what you have been doing)?    Are you betting your financial future on a “we’ll figure it out” or “steady as she goes” strategy?

Are you taking risks with your business and everyone who depends on you that even an average college athlete would never take with just a Game?

Have you SPECIFICALLY WRITTEN DOWN and defined your:

1.  Target market – not a general one (I serve anyone who will pay me); but one that you serve BEST?

2.  Unique Selling Proposition TO your target market?

3.  30 day, 90 day, and annual goals, tactics, and accountabilities, IN DETAIL – both for your financials as well as for your organization?

4.  BHAG – Big Hairy Audacious Goal:  the long term achievement that what would make you feel like you have created a lasting impact for yourself and for others?

5.  Plan to spend as much time as you want doing the FUN stuff; and minimal time doing things that other people enjoy more and can do better than you can? Perhaps this is building a Team; or maybe it is just outsourcing.  Do you know why you should do one vs. the other?

In addition to this:

Do you have a Marketing Strategy which clearly lays out how much you will spend on marketing; which marketing tactics or channels you will use; and what your specific “Success Criteria” are for each tactic?

Have you created one or two new or innovative ways to either serve your current customers or add different customers, so that you can justify your prices even in a down economy?

Do you have a defined Sales Plan; with goals, scripts (including rapport building questions and answers to common objections), and closing strategies?

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